Tuesday, October 26, 2004
  It happened again!

I don't want you to think I have an obsession with flying food, but I can't let this one go by. My apologies to the afore blogged melee participants. It appears they are only mimicking their elders.

  A Shout Out

to Sarcasmo. Read her post here to find out why. The Sarcas-family is very proud of her. If you can't make it to The Kelly Writers House at the University of Pennsylvania on October 27th at 5:30, never fear. I have a digital camera, and a blog. Need I say more?

  I'm Leavin' On A Jet Plane

and I'll be back in about a week. But what a week it will be. To begin with, the destination- Japan! A place I have always wanted to visit. So different. So far away! About 15 hours on a jet plane to be exact.The purpose of the trip, besides seeing the other side of the world is to visit Sarcas-sis, her hubby (Sarcas-bro) and , joining us in-utero, our grandson Rhys. While we are there we will celebrate my birthday, Sarcas-bro's birthday, Halloween, election day, and ,a baby shower! Like I said- what a week. Somewhere in there I hope to soak up all things Japanese. The Sarcas-kids have planned an itinerary to help us pack in as much as possible with a very pregnant woman to consider. As with all vacations, I enjoy the anticipation of the actual event, and while I am thrilled to be packed and ready to go I regret that that part of it is over. It has been really fun though. Whenever someone asked what I was doing to mark my 50th birthday, I was able to reply-" We'll be celebrating it in Japan" . How cool is that!

Monday, October 25, 2004
  What do you think?

If a candidate for President campaigned by telling only the truth ( honest to goodness truth and not the truth as they see it) would she/he get elected?

Thursday, October 21, 2004
  A mouse tale

If you know me, you understand why this story absolutely delights me. If you are just surfing through, check out my banner for a clue!

  A show of hands please

from anyone who has made their decision on how to vote in the Presidential election based on the verbal slap-down Theresa Heinz- Kerry gave Laura Bush. Anyone? Anyone? Good. I am assuming no raised hands. So why is it getting so much air time? I think we should have had a debate between the candidates wives. I have always found Mrs. Bush an intelligent, interesting speaker. And, it seems Mrs. Heinz- Kerry is not afraid to speak her mind. I bet we would have learned more from that than the three debates that took place.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

In case you are having Hockey Season Withdrawl, here is another Canadian competition.

Friday, October 15, 2004
  The Turtle Story

For the past few days our local news has given much too much air time to a story about a dog. In short, the dog got out and was not wearing tags. Someone found the dog and turned it over to the city animal control. They put it to sleep. The owners are filing a lawsuit. Of course there are more details, but what I get out out it is that the family may be heartbroken, but as soon as that dog saw it's chance it ran. This reminds me of my "Turtle Story". About 10 years ago I was in our backyard in the early morning when I saw what looked like a rock , move. It turned out to be a turtle. As we live in a densely populated urban area, roaming turtles are not the norm. There is a creek in the area but it would take me several minutes to walk there. The turtle, who knows how long. More than likely it had once been someone's pet. I went and got whoever was awake in my house. We looked at the turtle and left it be. The next day the kids next door held up a plastic bucket for me to see the turtle their Dad had found in their yard, and promptly snatched up for them to keep. I felt bad for the turtle. Free one minute and at the bottom of a bucket the next. But not as bad as I felt in the coming days. The youngest of the neighbor children was about 4. I don't want you to think these kids were bad. They were perfectly normal kids and have since grown up to be very nice young adults. But like I was saying, she was about 4 and as was her lot in life she often got left behind by the older kids. She found solace in playing with the turtle. Or more precisely , on the turtle. She liked to hold it by one leg and bang on the shell with a stick. The turtle wasn't in any mortal danger, but it was definitely being tortured. Then one day the kids asked if I had seen the turtle. They had found the bucket tipped over and empty that morning. I silently cheered for the turtle as I told the kids I had not seen it. Now you have to know 2 things about this turtle. It was about the size of my hand, and it only had 1 eye. It only had 1 eye when it was found, not a a result of it's captors. Anyway a couple of weeks go by and the mailman stops on his rounds to tell me that he was across the street and someone pointed out a one-eyed turtle under their hedge. The mailman remembered the kids looking for their turtle and he picked it up and carried it back . He pointed to the bucket. Yep-there it was. The mailman was so proud of himself. Poor turtle . It probably took him all that time to make it to the other side of the street.


That is my interpretation of the sound made when you screw up playing Operation. It is the board game's 40th anniversary!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

In 19 days I will turn 50. To me that is the birthday between 49 and 51. Other people see these decade marking years as cause for a special celebration. This widely marketed custom is why I was treated to a surprise birthday dinner by some co-workers at a local Italian restaurant. It was complete with gag gifts, a nice gift and a really big balloon emblazoned with the number 50 so everyone in the place was in on it. There was good food, lots of laughing and most important the good wishes of good friends. I am no a fan of the "surprise". I hate being put on the spot and choose not to be the guest of honor at anything. But even despite myself and my misgivings I had a good time. I guess by the time you hit 50 you learn to take these things in stride. I cannot say the same for having the waitresses singing "Happy Birthday" as the wound through the tables with a candle topped cake. I guess that has to happen once in 50 years. Imagine, after that they handed me a very large knife. Brave, brave people.

  Excused Absence

I don't have to watch tonight's debate. I have already voted! It is a relief to be able to turn a deaf ear to all the rhetoric already submitted my absentee ballot because I will be in Japan on election day. It will be kind of interesting to see what, if any, reaction there is to the election results in a foreign country.

Sunday, October 10, 2004
  Donde esta la biblioteca?

Or is it el biblioteca? If I am ever lost in Bogata Columbia I can ask for directions to the library. Or, I can just follow the crowd. It seems the government there has discovered what all bibliophiles know. Give a person a book and you give them the world. *This site may require registration.

Thursday, October 07, 2004
  Food Fight II

On Sept. 29th I posted about a melee at a local school that started as a food fight in the cafeteria. Apparently, food fights are breaking out all over the local school environment. On the morning news today I heard about a local Principal who has banned food like french fries and ice cream from the menu because they are being used a projectiles at lunch, and several students have been suspended. (Like that'll stop them)
Now I realize that in today's' world we could be relieved that all students are throwing is food. But I still have a problem with it. What is with these kids? Or more to the point, their parents?
I work in a grocery store. I see so many parents who have no control over their children. They actually plead with then to behave. You have the placaters who let the kid grab anything they want and carry it around the store, only to rip it out of their grasp at the checkout. Why not just say "No" in the first place? Because they want to put off the inevitable screaming as long as possible. Then there are the parents who just let their children scream all the way through the store because they did say "No". Guess what. These kids aren't as clueless as the parents. They wouldn't be screaming if similar behavior had not been rewarded in the past. So eventually, the kid will get something, just to shut them up.
Years ago I was at the orthodontist's office with one of my daughters. As we waited our turn we were subjected to a 2 year old, wailing, and simultaneously throwing her self against the door that led outside. She would bounce off the door and plop down on a well diapered behind, only to get up and repeat the process. All the while her mother had her head buried in a magazine. Every so often the mother would say "Keep it up. You're not bothering me" Maybe not, but she was irritating the hell out of me.

  Conspiracy Theory

Sarcas-dad & I got our absentee ballots for the upcoming election in yesterday's mail. He filled his out first and mentioned in passing that it needed a stamp to be mailed and we both agrees that was weird seeing as how it was a"VOTE". But , oh well. I filled mine out this morning, put it in the first envelope provided, put that in the second envelope provided, filled in and signed all the required blanks on said second envelope and turned it over to apply the stamp. Guess what? No stamp required. Silly Sarcas-dad. He read it wrong. I picked up his envelope, and guess what. His does need a stamp! Hmmmmmmmmmmm? Why are they different. Everything else is the same. Except, I am registered Republican and he is registered Democrat.What do you think? Strange twist of fate OR Republican treachery to keep Democrats from having their vote count do to lack of postage?!?.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004
  This was only a test.

In a previous post I told you about a company that sold personalized postage stamps. For about a dollar each you could order 37 cent stamps bearing the picture of yourself, your dog , your car, or whatever you wanted to immortalize and use them to mail your electric bill. As of September 30, Photostamps.com has stopped taking orders to allow the USPS time to evaluate the program. Apparently , one man's stamp is another man's attempt at politically incorrect humor.

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