Friday, December 31, 2004
  To All My Aquaintences:

both "Auld" and new, Happy New Year.

May it be happy and healthy.

Thursday, December 30, 2004
  Name that decade

I can tell you that I was born in the 50's and am a child of the 60's. My children were born in the 70's and had most of their formative years in the 80's.Now my grandson will one day tell you that he was born in... in's? The aughts? The double 00's? The early two thousands? Early twenty hundreds? Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. Hard to believe that no one has tagged this decade with a clever moniker. Where are the marketing geniuses who coined the terms "Bennifer" &" Nipplegate"? There are T-shirts to be printed !

Sunday, December 26, 2004
  There Will be Crumbs

I was talking to my daughter, the new mom, and I asked if she remember her life before the baby. All of 9 days before. She said she remembered but wasn't sure what the point of it had been up til now. Isn't it amazing? The instant that little life exists your whole focus changes. Forever.
Even before that conversation I was thinking of posting about all the little changes that occur in your life. The first thing that came to mind was how your coat pockets somehow become repositories for all manner of baby related items. Forget tucking the matching gloves in there. Instead your groping hand is liable to find, a pacifier, a toy, a tissue, something wrapped in a tissue or just something that may be no longer recognizable. This memory was reinforced on Christmas Eve when some of our extended family came by for a visit. We have known Chris since she was about 11 and Joe since he was in High School, and their beautiful daughter Lily since she was born. About a year and a half old Lily is a gleeful little bundle of energy. She hit the ground running and kept going. At one point she stopped long enough to place in her mother's ready hand a piece of soggy cracker she had been nibbling., not wanting to carry it, but unwilling to give it up entirely it was entrusted to Chris for safe keeping with the understanding that should she toddle around that way again the cracker would till be there. "That reminds me" Chris said. "I still have a piece of doughnut in my coat pocket"
I am looking forward to finding out if grandparents have crumbs in their pockets as well.

  Our Grandson

Originally uploaded by foster photos.
Here he is, the newest member of the "Sarcas-family" . Rhys Holden Foster Naylor was born on December 17th at 2:08 AM . Isn't he beautiful! Nine pounds,two ounces and 21&1/2 inches long and currently over 6000 miles away from his grandparents.(sigh)

Thursday, December 23, 2004
  Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

But in Merry Olde England he may be a little harder to find.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

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  Book Lover's Paradise

You have to know you are going to love this town. The first thing it offers on it's tourism website is a list of bookstores. That's because this small village of 1300 residents boasts 39 of them ! That' s one bookstore for every 33& 1/3 residents. Every year they host the Hay Festival for 80,000 guests from the U.K. and the U.S.
I read about this here, on NYC à Paris.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004
  How I Spend My Free Time

Today I had 2 hours of actual free time. What a gift. I mean totally free time. Not time set aside to do something, even if it's for myself, like go to the gym or get my hair cut. Two hours to do whatever I wanted, with no adjenda at all. It don't happen often. Sarcasdad had a meeting this morning, even though Wednesday is our usual day off from work.(hence -" Wednesday's Off"). TO make the best of it I went into town with him so we could meet for lunch afterwards
Having actual free time is like having the teacher assign an essay and telling you to write about anything you want! The choices are endless. No parameters. Okay, today there were some parameters. I needed to stay in Center City. But there are a lot of choices in Center City Philadelphia.
It was a little, shall we say. BRISK today. Actually the coldest day so far this season. Still I spent the first hour haunting the stores on Chestnut street and Walnut street. Oh, did I tell you I am all done Christmas shopping. All done. Totally. So again, no adjenda. I think the best shopping is when you aren't looking to buy anything. I wandered in and out of stores. I didn't buy a thing. Shopping in Center City beats a mall any day. I know, the mall is convenient, has that big parking lot and is all inside. But in Center City even the chain stores have their own individual personality. On one corner there is an old massive granite building with those big, wide granite staircases .It probably housed a stately financial institution originally. Now it's The Sharper Image. Plus nestled in among the Gap and Urban Outfitters,are all these little eclectic stores that you won't find in a mall.
Along the way I snapped some pictures of Christmas decorations. I plan to send them to Sarcassis and Sarcasbro in Japan for a little taste of home.
At the end of the first hour I found myself in Rittenhouse Sqaure. I contemplated a walk down Pine street to visit the antique shops and galleries. But across the street, Barnes and Noble and their cafe beckoned. (Did I mention it was BRISK?) So after a perusal of the stacks I ordered a hot caramel apple cider, with wihipped creme., because I had been walking for an hour. I did , somewhat reluctantly forgo the cookies and scones the barrista tried to up-sell me . I didn't want to totally negate an hour's worth of walking! I got comfortable at a table and mad a phone call to Sarcasmo Jr. Then I got busy with my New York Times Crossword until Sarcasdad could meet me. All around me in the cafe were people who had also come in from the cold to read, drink coffee , and go online.
All in all, not a bad way to spend a Wednesday morning.

Thursday, December 09, 2004
  If I Had A Camera Phone

When it was time to get a new cell phone I considered one that was a camera as well. It was $50 more. And to be honest, the regular cell phone is enough for me to navigate. So I don't have a camera phone. If I did I would be sharing two pictures with you right now. Instead you will have to make do with my descriptive prose.
We took a ride out to our favorite local winery today.It is only about a 30 minute ride from the very urban place where I reside. The surrounding area is full of Bed and Breakfast's and antique shops, and a stone's throw from some of the most kitchy tourist traps. On the ride back we always pass this house. A pretty normal structure with yellow siding. Small by area standards. It sits by itself a little back from the road. Just in front of the house is a statue of a gorilla. It looks to be carved from wood and it is huge. It stands about as high as the first story of the house. Every time we pass it I think that the people who live there either like to go on Safari or they have a very eclectic taste in lawn ornamentation. It must be great for giving directions. "Yes, that's right. We're the house with the life sized gorilla in front" So anyway, today we drove by and the gorilla had a big gold bow on it's head and a red cape on it's shoulders. If I had a camera I'd have taken a picture.
I also saw a sign advertising "invisible fences". Guess where it was mounted.? Yep-on big brown picket fence.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004
  And speaking of steroids

As I was in a previous post,, is anyone else watching the latest Amazing Race competition.? Where did they get these people?. What a bunch of whining wusses. And I am referring to the men. If this was Survivor, the women would have kicked them all off the island. (I've never seen Survivor bit I hear that's how it works) . I can't find any team to root for. The two pairs I marginally liked were eliminated already. We have the wrestlers who can't count, a Father and daughter who can't find their way anywhere and have no sense of urgency(this is a race!). Then there are the "entrepreneurs". He is so obnoxious I was rooting for someone to push him out of the boat a few episodes ago, and she is annoying because she puts up with his abuse.!Though I must say that on last night's installment I thought someone must have given him some Prozac. He was actually human. The older couple are so pathetic, It makes me want to apply just so we can show that all "older" couples don't cry and whine and beg for a break because they are older. There are some other teams of boy friends and girl friends, but so far they are so non-descript I can't tell them apart. Except for the guy with the "horns" on his head. What a crybaby he is. He actually called out for his Mom on the first challenge Not even the woman he is partnered with, his Mommy
I do like the host Phil Keoghan. I think you can definitely tell who he favors. Sometimes when the teams reach the pit stop he says"I'm Happy" or "I'm delighted to tell you, you are couple number X". But sometimes it's more like "Dick & Jane", then he takes a big breath during which I imagine he is thinking('I can't believe you are still here') "you are couple number x" I noticed last night that he has a video diary on I' m going to check it out later. I hope there is some good behind the scenes stuff.

  Fly Those Friendly Skies

Do you think they serve wings instead of peanuts?

Sunday, December 05, 2004
  How Do You See It

All the press about the abuse of steroids in sports has me pondering this question. If , by taking the steroids, you are only leveling the playing field, are you in fact, cheating? What do you think?

  Check these out

Years ago I had a manager compliment me on a policy I had instituted at work. I immediately fessed up that the idea wasn't original. I had seen it done elsewhere. He told me that a good manager knows which ideas to "appropriate". That being said , check out these words for the workplace, that should exist but don't. I know a lot of them apply to my workplace.

("appropriated" from the lovely Kimbofo)

  Read Before Wearing

There must be some obscure local ordinance in the very urban place I reside that says any newly found open space must immediately be made into a strip mall. So. In keeping with that when the old Whitman's Chocolate factory closed , the property was transformed into Whitman Square. The new mall is adjacent to the location of my gym. The other day I decided to reward myself for a good workout with a visit to the new mall for a little Christmas shopping. I was standing in Circuit City perusing some gadgets when someone passed by me, talking out loud. I paid him no attention. Any woman living in a large metropolitan area follows a very basic guideline. Do not make eye contact. That only encourages them. But even though I hadn't acknowledged him I was aware that he had stopped right beside me. So I looked and there was a very nice looking young man in his Circuit City uniform shirt. " Yep", he said "Ten Years". ("What?" I think to myself) "Ten LOOOOONG years. (Where? Prison?) "It's not what I would have wanted to do, but just the way it turned out"(Insane asylum?) " Still I can't complain. Lots of memories. Some good, some not"(Why are you telling me this?) After the last statement he seemed to be expecting me to respond so I said the first thing that came to mind. "Good for you". That seemed to satisfy him and he moved on. It was only then that I caught on. The sweatshirt I was wearing was one I had rescued from a pile of clothing my daughter was getting rid of. It said ARMY , Fort Benning , Georgia.
Thankfully I didn't respond the way I usually do to the lunatic prison escapees one meets on the street.

  Security File

We found ourselves in the market for a new microwave oven. The old one had finally zapped it's last bag of popcorn.It gave us a solid 20 years and didn't owe us a thing. In fact, Sarcasdad joked that J.C. Penny might call us up and ask for more money since we had it for so long.
Anyway, off to the local Sears store we went. We picked a model from the display area and looked for a sales associate. At the other end of the aisle I could see 2 associates by a register. From my vantage point I could only see their heads. As I got closer I was a little taken aback to see that one woman was filing her fingernails. Not as in, "oh I broke a nail", but a full fledged manicure.I thought to myself that she must be on a break but she shouldn't be having it on the sales floor. So I addressed my request for assistance to THE OTHER ONE." She remained silent but THE FILER glanced up from her hand and told me to show her which one I wanted. Without missing a stroke she followed us to the display, noted the model number and said she would check in the stock room. Off she went still filing away. She returned ( STILL FILING) and said it was in stock. She did have to stop filing to ring up our purchase but at no time did that nail file leave her person. She clutched it in one hand or the other.
SHe did her job, and was pleasant as could be, but it took every ounce of self control not to grab that stupid nail file and break it two.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004
  Answer: BLOG

Question: What word tops U.S. dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster's list of the 10 words of the year.

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