Saturday, October 29, 2005
  That's How These Things Get Started

Yesterday, a coworker, I'll call her Lucy, shared a story about her Mom. Mom is getting up there in age and is a little forgetful. At least that's my take on it. Lucy is convinced her mother is on a one woman crusade to drive her crazy. While on the phone to each other, Mom asked Lucy "what are you wearing to the wedding?". To which Lucy replied " I wasn't invited to the wedding". Mom was very concerned that Lucy had been slighted. Lucy patiently explained that she had not expected an invitation to the wedding of a distant cousin. That all of Mom's generation had been invited but none of Lucy's. It was all as it should be and no feathers were ruffled. And Lucy thought that was the end of it until 10 minutes later when Mom asked her"So, what are you wearing to the wedding?"
This morning at work Lucy said she had spoken to her mother last night and once again Mom had queried 'what are you wearing to the wedding?" As we talked I was gathering up quite an armload of paperwork to be put away. Once encumbered I realized I had no idea what I had done with a set of keys I needed to complete the task. Lucy didn't see them either so I carefully divested myself of my load piece by piece only to find that I had been clutching the keys in my left hand the whole time. "Well " said Lucy, "what are YOU wearing to the wedding?"
That became the catch phrase for us all day whenever we did something less than brilliant. We said it so often that other people inquired what wedding we were going to. By the end of the day we were hearing it all over the store.
When it finally makes it out your way, you'll know where it came from.

Thursday, October 27, 2005
  Road Trip

As happens from time to time, that repository of "Things to Blog About" that I keep tucked in a corner of my brain , is stone cold empty. This used to send me into spasms of worry. What if I NEVER have anything to blog about again. Drawing on past experiences I figure that outcome is unlikely. So I embrace this time to catch up on the musings of other bloggers I already enjoy, and seek out some new places to visit.
Just so you don't forget where to find me I am posting some pictures from our recent road trip to Bear Country. I still need to take a nice photo of the adorable quilt that Sarcasmo Jr. made for the Cutie Patootie so I can show it off.

>PA170007 PA170008PA170012PA170013
A working press at Flycreek Cider Mill; Pumpkins at Flycreek; Ducks at Flycreek, The Cutie Patootie getting ready to feed the ducks;Sign posted a Flycreek; White pumpkins at Pie in the Sky;Aunt Sarcasmo Jr, & Aunt Sarcasmo at Pie In The Sky.

Monday, October 24, 2005
  Just In Time

Cause I didn't know what I was going to be!

Your costume is a Gothic Ballerina!

What Should Your Halloween Costume Be?
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(seen on Sarcasmo's Corner)

Friday, October 21, 2005

Used to bet I was the only one in the house who liked oatmeal. Now that Sarcassis is staying with us, there is another who appreciates a warm rolled oat in the morning. As I chucked another of the familiar round canisters in the trash can I had a fleeting thought about using it for something else. As a kid I can remember being assigned to bring empty oatmeal boxes or the cardboard roll from paper towels into school for arts and crafts. And dutifully using up the product at home to empty the box. Do teachers still ask for such low-tech stuff? I hope so. In a special drawer I still have a recipe holder made from an aerosol spray can cap, plaster of paris, a plastic fork and a plastic flower. In case you are wondering why it is still in the drawer it is because it's too pretty to use. Like the good china.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thirteen Things about SARCASMOM

1. We went up to Bear Country Last Sunday to visit Sarcasmo Jr. I hope to post about the trip in greater detail, with photos, another time. On the way up we pulled into a rest stop just before we crossed the border from Pa. to New York. There was a sign posted with rules of the Rest Stop and the Road. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to read them. Maybe next trip. It was quite a lengthy list.

2. On the same trip at the same rest stop, despite the fact that we all had to "rest" and the Cutie Patootie needed a dry diaper, no one exited the vehicle until the song on the CD player came to an end. It was Bohemian Rhapsody. Some things are sacred.

3. While in Bear Country we visited the Flycreek Cider Mill. The day was rainy and chilly and the Cider Mill and gift shop is apparently a big draw on such a day. It was mobbed. Upon entering the store you were in a line that you pretty much had to stay in due to lack of space. It made me very aware that I am a city person. People were taking their time browsing, as they should, and I was thinking "Move It People". I don't know why. I was there to enjoy myself and spend time with my family. I need more than a day to unwind and slow down. When we go on vacation for a week it takes til about Wednesday for me to get in the groove of not being on the move.

4.Practigal posted about her niece's soccer game and asked he readers if they were good atheletes or picked last for teams. I was never good at sports. Actually I have never played a team sport, like softball or soccer. I have never hit a ball with a bat, or even attempted to.

5.My dream of having the winning lottery ticket in the $340 million dollar multi-state Powerball game is over. One ticket in Oregon has all the winning numbers. I hope it is held by a group of people. No one should have that kind of money dropped in their lap. I heard on the news that if you only bought 1 ticket for the drawing you were 27 more times likely to die of a bee sting.

6. Sarcasmo Jr. learned a new craft and presented the Cutie Patootie with a beautiful crib sized quilt. It is something he will have forever. My mother used to make the kinds of things you hand down from generation to generation. Sometimes I think Sarcasmo Jr. is channeling that creativity.

7. Now that we have lived here for 27 years, we decided to put the address on the outside of the house. The actual numbers were never there. It was easy to pick out our house. We are the open porch in the middle of the block. All the other homes have enclosed porches. We used to have a huge pine tree in front, but we had to have it taken down. The previous owners planted it too close to the house and it was damaging the porch roof. Right after it was removed the pizza delivery guy told us he drove right past our house because the tree wasn't there. He said that was how all the drivers knew our house and he was going to tell them all when he got back. Obviously we ordered pizza a little too frequently.

8. It was a pizza delivery guy who made us aware of a gas leak in our home some years ago. "Can't you smell that?" he said when we opened the door. We couldn't because we had been in the house all day . The gas company came and told us to stay near the door and don't touch any light switches because it could cause a spark.Thank goodness we ordered a lot of pizza.

9. I am addicted to the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle. I have to do it in pen. It usually takes me most of the week to finish it. Mostly because I take it to bed and fall asleep doing it. And by finish I don't mean that I get it all filled in. Although sometimes I do.

10.I heard on the news about a promising treatment for spinal cord injury. A local hospital is looking for people to put in a study group. The treatment needs to start within 2 weeks of the injury. Because it is a study there has to be a control group which means some participants will receive the new treatment and some will not, but no participant will know which group they are in. I understand the purpose of that kind of study but I don't know how anyone can make the decision of who gets what.

11.We were shopping yesterday and saw all the Christmas stuff going out on the shelves. Although I am not a fan of those blow-up characters than you put on your lawn, I did see on that was cute. It looked like a snowglobe with Santa and a snowman inside. There was a pump that blew fake snow around inside so it looked like it had been shaken upside down and turned right side up. Really cute. But I still wouldn't put it on my lawn. I can'twait wait to see the Cutie Patootie's reactions to all things Xmas.

12. When we were in Bear Country we made a return visit to Pie in the Sky. They had a display of white pumpkins. I never saw white pumpkins before. Quite pretty really. Good for carving ghostly pumpkin images.

13. This Thursday Thirteen is really late in getting posted. After last weeks post I thought I should actually bog it as I went along throughout the week, so hopefully come Thursday morning I only had to post. And I really should have. Instead I jotted notes on odd pieces of paper stashed in many places. Thursday morning found me trying to get them all together and decipher what I wrote, and then what I meant by that as I tend to write notes in short cryptic code.Of course there were only about 9 or ten. And I had to go to work. I can't blog from my workplace, and am envious of those who can. Maybe this week I'll be more organized. Maybe.

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Monday, October 17, 2005
  How Many Ants Does it Take To Screw In A Lightbulb?

Sarcasdad and I were pretty sure that our days of driving along the open road with kids singing camp songs in the backseat were over. Apparently not, as we discovered yesterday on a trip to Bear Country to visit Sarcasmo Jr.. Sarcasmo and Sarcassis, one just shy of 30 years old, and one just past, sang songs they learned in Girl Scout camp to help distract the Cutie Patootie from the fact that he was immobilized in the carseat for 4 hours. He seemed to enjoy it. The girls have lovely voices. I am a bit concerned however that there may have been some damage to his psyche. After all he learned that if you eat a fly, perhaps you'll die; if you eat a peanut you might meet St. Peter and that sippin' cider through a straw can lead to overpopulation. That probably won't come out til much later in life though.
One of the songs they warbled was the Ants Go Marching. You know it.

The ants go marching one by one hurrah, hurrah
The ants go marching one by one hurrah, hurrah
The ants go marching one by one , the little one stops to suck his thumb
And they all go marching
Down to the ground.
To get out of the rain, dum dum dum

Two by two he ties his shoe, three he climbs a tree, four he shuts the door(busy little guy), five he...? Well according to Sarcassis he takes a dive. I don't think that's right. I don't think she thought it was right either but it fit the cadence. Sarcasmo just stopped singing so she apparently doesn't know either. Do you? What does the little any do when it marches five by five?

Oh, and I have an idea for a new song genre. hTe girls were singing Do-Re-Mi from Sound of Music, just the way they did it in the movie and at the same time we had Steven Tyler on the Cd player chanting "Dude Looks Like A Lady". Oddly enough it worked!


Thursday, October 13, 2005

Thirteen Things about Sarcasmom

1. I have a new found respect for all you blogging mommies out there. Especially parents of toddlers. I don't know where you find the time and energy. Having the Cutie Patootie here has put a little crimp in my blogging time. Not that I would have it any other way. I think it must be different being the grandmother. I know I got things done when my kids were the CP's age. I just can't take my eyes off this kid. Here's too cute!

2. Drivers in this city are so rude. There are a lot of construction areas on my route to work. On 95 it the area moves everyday and you find you have to merge suddenly. Common courtesy would be to let one person merge in ahead of you. Sort of a "zipper" maneuver. Very few people seem willing to do that. When my daughter lived in Germany she told me that allowing people to merge was actually a law and you could be ticketed for not letting someone in. There were also laws about to driving up to the head of the line of traffic and trying to squeeze in. The merging car has to wait it's turn. And guess what. People still get where they are going!

3. I see more and more blogs each day that require you to enter a verification code to post a comment. Am I the only blogger out there who hasn't been spammed? I am feeling left out of the party! Or do you just use it because it is offered ? The other day one of the codes was an actual word. "tumor" I wondered if that would ever happen.

4. We picked up a few new toys for our Grandson, as he has outgrown many of the things we had here for him. I don't know why. His favorite distractions are a metal colander, cabinet doors, an unopened roll of wrapping paper and anything that he can open and close.

5. Yesterday Sarcassis and I picked up stuff to make the CP's halloween costume. That is part of the holiday for me. Making the costume. I'm keeping his secret identity under wraps.

6. On Sunday we will be going to Bear Country to visit Sarcasmo Jr. The foliage is supposed to be at it's peak right now, so we are looking forward to a scenic ride.

7. This area is in the grips of lottery fever. There is a multi-state lottery that no one won again last night. Sat.'s drawing is for 290 million.What would you do if you won. I hope a group of people win that big prize. I hope I am in that group.

8. This is my first posting of the Thursday Thirteen. It may also be my only one as it took me 2 weeks to get this list together. But as today is Thursday the 13th it seemed apropos.

9. I got to the gym a few minutes before it actually opened this morning. There is a couple who come faithfully most mornings as well. They are the picture of health and fitness. Muscular, blond, tanned. This morning they were sitting in their car smoking cigarettes as they waited. I don't get it,

10. There was a report on the morning news about a couple having their 16th child! They showed a scene of the new Mom and baby in the hospital surrounded by her family. All the kids had bright shiny faces and were neat and tidy. How often do you think that happens? And how many people did it take to accomplish that feat?

11.I don't own an IPOD and I have no desire to have one. I have a drawer full of walkmans and disc players gathering dust. Not that I don't enjoy my music. I really do. I think if I had the spare time to download the tunes I might find I needed one. Right now it would be something else to add to my to-do list.

12. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. I love cooking the dinner . And hopefully all my children will be around the table this year. It will be crowded and I will love every second of it.

13. Now I know for sure that I will never be posting "100 things about me" . Coming up with thirteen was tough enough.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005
  Y'all Come Back Now. Ya Hear?

Yesterday I was just doing my morning thing. Drinking my coffee and catching up with Sophie and Raehan and Mitey Mite, and all my blogroll buddies.. I read them in alphabetical order because that is how they are listed. Except for Michele. I save her for last because I know she will send me off to visit at least one other blogger. Probably more. I scroll down to the The Comment Game and see that the New Site of the Day is Wednesdays Off and that I should go and visit Sarcasmom. It honestly took a second to realize that that is ME! My very first reaction was "What did I post last? I hope it wasn't lame". I always wondered if the person chosen knew in advance. The answer to that is 'no'. I guess you just always have to be ready for company.

It is like being the guest of honor at a surprise party, only better because it doesn't matter what you are wearing. Many thanks to Michele for sending out the invitations. It was so nice of you all to come. There were some old friends, some casual acquaintances, and some people I met for the first time. I will be stopping by to thank each of you personally but it may take a little while. Having the Cutie Patootie here has reinforced my respect for the all the blogging mommies. I don't know where you find the time. You must be giving up sleeping! Anyway, it was great having you all stop by. I hope you enjoyed your visit. Please come again soon. The door is always open.

Sunday, October 09, 2005
  List Maker or Chance Taker

I was over at Blond Girl's and she asked a question about how you cope with finishing or not finishing a to-do list. I thought I would do a little informal poll of fellow bloggers. Are you a list maker? If you are do you write it down or is it in your head? Once made , do you follow it? I am a definite list maker. The written kind. I find crossing items off of the list provides immense satisfaction. I am also more productive when I have a list. How about you ? List maker or Chance Taker.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005
  Lordy, Lordy

So yesterday a woman walks into the store I work at in Backwards Borough (where living on the dole is the law of the land), with the intention of withdrawing money from her state funded welfare account. She swipes her ATM- like benefit card through the terminal and is denied because she entered an incorrect pin number. She tries again and is denied a second time for an incorrect pin. The store clerk explains that if she gets the pin number wrong a third time, her account will automatically be frozen for 24 hours and she will have to call the Welfare Department to have it reactivated. The woman goes to call her husband to get the right pin number. She returns a few minutes later. She approaches the terminal, but before swiping the card she closes her eyes, puts her hands (one clutching the card) in the air and offers up the following prayer. "Oh Jesus. Sweet sweet Jesus. Please help me get this money today. I need this money. I have to get my eyebrows done".

Tuesday, October 04, 2005
  Farewell to a Friend

The Sarcasfamily notes with sorrow, the passing of Xavier. He graced our lives for all too a short a time.

Our first indication that Xavier was special was when , unlike her previous roommates, Sarcasmo Jr. brought him home to spend the holidays with us. Although they were together for a couple of years, I never really got to know Xavier very well. I have no amusing little stories of him to share. So I will tell you what I do know. He was incredibly attractive. Actually, I think you would say he was beautiful as some males truly are. He was very much a loner. He did not seem openly affectionate, although I think any feelings he had were reserved for my daughter.

When Sarcasmo Jr.'s professional life took her further northward, Xavier went along with the little bit of possessions he had accumulated. Even though the climate was getting progressively colder ,and was a far cry from his native Thailand he was content to settle where she was.

From the very beginning Sarcasmo Jr. knew that Xavier would not be part of her life forever. Yesterday came the call I was both expecting and yet hoping not to get. "Mom. Xavier is gone". I asked if she was planning a little service, but not surprisingly she had chosen to keep it private. much like their relationship had been. "No. I flushed him" she said.

Bye Xavier. Plucky little Betta fish.

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