Friday, March 31, 2006
  Odds and Ends & Reasons for Them

There's a reason I don't make a living writing reviews. The fat lady would have sung and gone home before I got around to putting my opinions to electronic paper. I went to see Wicked last Sunday and I am just posting about it now. But let me tell you. It was AWESOME. I think it may be the reason the Italians invented the word "Bravo", as used when one is clapping profusely.The movie "Wizard of Oz" pre-dates me, and I have probably seen it once a year on average. Plus I read the book as a child, so I know the story. At least the L. Frank Baum version. But as we know from the Wicked promos, things are not always as they seem. The story of what happens before Dorothy lands in Oz sheds a very different light on who is "good" and who is "wicked". Should you have the opportunity to see the touring cast, take it. They were outstanding Your friends will be Green with envy.

The reason this post is titled Odds and Ends is because it is composed of items that do not relate to each other, except that they pertain to me. Case in point, my new location at work. It's not so bad. I'm not jumping for joy, but it's not awful. My coworkers are all very nice, at least for now, and the boss is very congenial, at least for now. I am sure the honeymoon won't last forever. The customers are very, very needy, and I am sure you will be hearing all about them as soon as I summon the strength to post about them. The new location is twice as big, and does twice the volume of the old location. Good thing I have been working out. The extra physical exertion required has me joining Sarcasdad on the sofa for a pre-bedtime nap. I even slept through Lost on Wednesday night, and I have Wednesdays Off . Thank goodness for TIVO.

The reason I should have more time to blog when I am awake is that the Cutie Patootie and his parents have moved into their own home. I have threatened to stop their place on my way home from the gym to get in some morning snuggle time. We visit back and forth a lot and now that the weather is turning nice we hope we can take him for a day here and there to visit the park and the zoo. One downside to their moving out has been the loss of a reason not to do something. We have some home repairs that need tending to, but we put them off til the kids left,because it would just be easier. Same for eating better, exercising more, cleaning out the closets, etc., etc. Well they left darn it.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006
  Ty & Py

Today the Py family is scheduled to return and see their new home that Ty built. While I am sure the people running the show know the exact time of the big reveal, they are only stating publicly that it will be between 1 and 6 this afternoon. It is now, 6 am and there is a huge crush of people already waiting to yell "Move that bus!". I'm going to watch from my living room. On the tv in my living room. I'm not that close to the action!. If you want a sneak peek at what the Py family will see when they move the bus you can see some video here.

Saturday, March 25, 2006
  Bye Bye Borough

Here's a post I wasn't expecting to write.

If you ever want to annoy the living daylights out of me, then tell me you have something to tell me,but don't tell me what it is. Or even worse yet, that you'll tell me later. That's' how it began on Thursday morning. I went into work and found that slightly more than the usual amount of issues had piled up during my day off, but no more than we would sort out. My boss buzzes down from her office. "good morning honey, ( speaking of annoying and unprofessional). I'll be down to talk to you". As she doesn't usually announce herself I wondered what was up. She wanders down a bit later. You have to picture the setting. This takes place at the Customer Service counter, in a Supermarket, in front of customers."I have to tell you something" says the boss and proceeds to tell me things of relatively no importance. " I have to tell you something, and I think I'm going to cry" she says sticking her bottom lip out in a pout.(Did I mention annoying and unprofessional?) At this point I wanted to take her by her shoulders and shake her, until her Barbie like hairdo was a mess and her eyes rolled back in her head. Instead I insisted she just tell me and get it over with. So she did "You've been transferred" she said. "As of Monday"

Wasn't expecting that. I think there was a better way she could have handled breaking the news. Like say in private. In her office maybe.

Anyway , to make a long involved story short, the person who does my job elsewhere has annoyed so many people that they are running out of options as to where to place her. So I , who was minding my own business got my worklife rearranged, with no forewarning, no conversation, no acknowledgement that I might have a thought on the matter.

This isn't first time I have moved from one store to another, so I was prepared for the reaction of my co-workers. Some of them were genuinely sorry to see me go, and said heartfelt goodbyes. For the most part however it goes like this:

"This really sucks" (I mean for me)
"I can't believe you're leaving"(how will this impact on me?)
"I hear she's mean. " (Me!)
"What if she doesn't like me?"(ME!)
"What if she changes my schedule. I won't do it. I'll quit!" (Clearly this is all about me!)

So I will be leaving Backwards Borough behind along with it's cast of colorful characters. I can only hope the new place is as good for blog fodder.

Friday, March 24, 2006
  Good Morning Bloggers!

How did your day start? For one local household it began with TY Pennington shouting through his megaphone, "Good Morning Py family". Reality TV has come to my little corner of the world. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has rolled into town.

The local ABC affiliate is keeping the city posted. Demolition on Friday, followed by "round the clock" construction until the big reveal on Wednesday. Boy I bet the neighbors are thrilled. Actually, many of them have been on camera gushing all over about how great this is and how derserving the chosen family is. Let's check back with them on Wednesday . The Py family has been whisked away to an undisclosed location. Everyone else will have to deal with the noise and the mess and cameras and lights, all while trying to go to work so they can keep up the mortgage on what will soon be an inferior house on the block. A block which has been closed off to traffic, even though it is a major artery in the city.This morning it was reported that there are five hundred people ready to work, not including the camera crew from the show, the local police, the media and the food service being provided by local restaurants.

I like to think that I don't watch Reality TV. That's not entirely true as I am hopelessly hooked on The Amazing Race and Dancing With the Stars. But I have never seen American Idol, Survivor,Big Brother, or any of the Bachelor/Bachelorette cage love matches . I did see one entire episode of EM:HE.That was enough. I don't want to tune in to be depressed by the sorrowful stories they showcase, even though I know there will be a happier ending. I am also bothered somewhat by the excess of the whole premise. While it is great that these families are being helped it is done on such a grand scale, it makes me think that several families could have their quality of life improved by that same amount of effort and money. Of course, I realize that wouldn't make for great tv.

According to Mapquest I am 12 minutes away from the whole she-bang. When the trucks have rolled away, and the street is re-opened I'll have to drive by and take a look. For those of you not within driving distance, the show is set to air at the end of April.

Saturday, March 18, 2006
  Sticks and Stones

Last Sunday started out as a rainy dreary day. So when the sun came out in the early afternoon, the Cutie Patootie and I seized the opportunity to get outside and play. It was unseasonably warm for the beginning of March, so we donned shoes and sweatshirts and headed for the back yard. The same back yard where his mother, and his aunts, and their friends spent many hours when they were little. I have so many memories. What I had forgotten however is how fraught with peril the back yard is. We live in the middle of an incline, so the yard has a distinct roll from one side to the other. It is an uneven terrain,with holes here and there , made somewhat muddy from the day's precipitation. You would think a fourteen month old would have some difficulty negotiating all these obstacles, but you would be incorrect in that assumption. He ran. From one side to the other and back . Coming perilously close to the brick garage, the wrought iron fence, the Barbecue Grill and the wooden steps to the deck, all of which were just waiting for him to fall and smack his cute little noggin. Or at least that's how I saw it. As there was no question of" Mister I Can Do It Myself" holding my hand I was running behind with my hands outstretched to steady little elbows as he made the transistion from the grass to the cement walkways, an obvious tripping hazard. He never bobbled even once. He was having a great time. I was having heart palpations. He made circuit after circuit around the yard, pausing now wnd then to rattle the gate that leads to the driveway, and to play with the little white stones that I use to cover the dirt by the fence, ever since I gave up the pretense that I was "gardening " there.

When we had exhausted all that the yard had to offer we headed to the front of the house. The CP easily conquered the hill on the front lawn where he discovered some sticks. Actually they were small tree branches. The first one he picked up was as big as he is. I traded him for one more manageable and we set off up the street. The stick was a source of great enjoyment. He waved it like a baton, he tapped it on the ground, he threw it down and picked it up again. He was the picture of contentment. Just a boy and his stick. That lasted until we came upon the puddle.

I don't know when he may have encountered a puddle in his life thus far. Perhaps never. Yet his instinct was to run full tilt towards it. Much to his dismay I caught him just before he crossed into the wet zone. Not being totally hard hearted I let him splash feet at the very edge before turning him around and trying to steer him in another direction. This was a fruitless endeavor as over and over again he tried to out strategize me and get into that puddle. I finally picked him up and headed back toward our house, trying to distract him along the way. When I thought we had put a good distance between us and the puddle I put him down and we continued out walk in the other direction. Which worked out well until we came upon another puddle. We did the same dance as before, each of us determined to have our way. On one of his evasive maneuver, the CP picked up a stick and charged for the puddle. I, again, caught him under the arms just as he got to the edge. He tilted his head back and looked at me. A little boy. A little boy with a stick. A little boy with a stick who wanted with all of his being to splash in that puddle. " What the heck" I said. "Go for it" . I let him go and he went down on his knees right into the puddle. He waved the stick around in the water, he splashed with both his hands. He was laughing and squealing. He stood up and stamped his feet making the water splash up on the little bit of him that was still dry up to that point. I wish I had taken my camera that day so I could show you the picture I would have taken. I would have called it Happy Boy with Stick in Puddle.

As all good things must come to an end I picked him up and carried him straight into the house and up to the bath, where he continued his fun in the water, but with squeezy bath toys and no sticks.

Friday, March 17, 2006
  Easier Than American Idol

If you happen to be trying to score a recording contract, you can get one here. No talent is required, just the right item in trade.

This guy started with one red paperclip in July, and through a series of trades now has the recording contract to barter with. His ultimate goal is to trade for a house. If it works out for him, I'll be going through my junk drawer.

Link found at Puppetdude3.

Thursday, March 16, 2006
  It's In the Bag

I can't tell a Fendi from a Gucci. But if you are a Trendsetter, a Princess or a Diva, this may be for you.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006
  Just an Off Ramp on the Information Super Highway

I rarely check my "stats". Mostly because time does not permit as much blogging as I would like, and that little extra has fallen by the wayside. This morning I was visiting the Redhead and got a chuckle from her post about searches that led to her blog. So I decided to look in on mine. Here is what will lead you to Wednesdays Off.

14 Mar 14:04:54 wednesdays off from school -(Googled on Tues. A little last minute.)

13 Mar 01:02:42 homedepot sell drywall

10 Mar 23:25:56 how to tell the boss you need sunday off-(It's Wednesdays Off. Wednesdays!)

10 Mar 17:28:22 how to be fabulous -(but of course!)

10 Mar 15:16:05 stallone weds

Monday, March 13, 2006
  I Saw the Signs

I don't care what the calendar says. On my way home from the gym this morning I saw my first robin of the year. Todays forecast calls for a high of 78 degrees. I'd call that Spring.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006
  Of Beer & Baseball

Sounds like a post about spring doesn't it? Actually it is about a fun day spent up in Bear Country, where spring is just a distant hope right now. We went to visit Sarcasmo Jr., and as always she planned a pleasant outing for us. We went on a tour of the Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown New York. An odd choice perhaps as none of the three of us are fond of beer. But fun none the less. As it is the slow season in that neck of the woods, our tour was given just for us by a very pleasant and knowledgeable employee at the brewery. I am sure it draws a crowd when the weather is warmer. They have 166 acres of land on which they hold festivals. We learned a lot about the process of producing and bottling beer. Then there was a tasting session. I don't think it won any of us over to being beer aficionados, but we did bring a selection of their prducts home for Sarcasmo, Sarcas-sis and her hubby to try, as they like to find new brews.
Since the brewery gift shop didn't have any items suitable for the Cutie Patootie, we headed over to Main street in Cooperstown, near to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Time did nort afford us visit to the baseball museum. We did get to a gift shop housed in a converted theater. And we had lunch at a baseball themed restaurant, complete with gift shop.Main street was quite quaint, made even more so by just the right amount of snow that had fallen overnight. Enough to be picturesque, and not enough to be troublesome. I would like to go back in the spring and see more.

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