Sunday, February 25, 2007
  Monopoly Update

My friend Cheryl found this link to the new version of Monopoly that I posted about. What do you think? It reminds me of a tin of breath mints.

I met Cheryl over here. She has been a reader and commenter at Sarcasmo's Corner. And she has contributed a post that will be up on the Corner soon.

Thanks Cheryl!

Monday, February 19, 2007
  Hurry Up and Pass Go Already

The morning news program I listen to on the way to the gym has a business segment where they give you little snippets of news.

The other day I heard that the makers of Monopoly plan to market a new version that can be played to completion in about 20 minutes. Twenty minutes. Why bother?

The point of Monopoly was that it took for-ever to play. It was the rainy vacation day board game. The snow day diversion. The having your friends over and drinking til the wee hours game. Heck, it took twenty minutes just to set it up. You had to decide who was going to be the banker. Then count out the piles of multi-colored money. And pick your playing piece. Did you have a favorite? Was there sibling rivalry over who got to be he car, or the dog, or the top hat? How about house rules? We threw all the fines and fees in the middle and if you landed on free parking it was all yours.

Monopoly wasn't just a board game. It was a commitment. It was time well spent.

I think the Sarcas-family probably has a game we never finished from 1989.

What do you think? Is this progress? When was the last time you played Monopoly? Did you ever get to the end of the game? And, were you the nice guy, or the cut-throat win at all costs player?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007
  Still here

Piece o' cake!

  A Line in the Sand

Blogger has delivered an ultimatum. Switch now to the new Blogger or forever hold you peace. So I'm going, but I'm not happy about it. Just in case I don't make it through to the other side, I wanted to say a fond farewell. And thanks for the memories. It is after all a far far better thing that I do, than I have ever done. So long, farewell , to you and you and you.

Here I gooooooooooooooooo !

Monday, February 12, 2007
  Real Men Carry Diaper Bags

This is really Sarcas-sis' story to share. But I didn't see it on her blog, so I'm gonna tell it.

There is no lack of culture in Philadelphia. We are the fifth largest city in the US. We are urban , and metropolitan. We proudly lay claim to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, a world renowned institution with a reputation for excellence.

On Sunday, Sarcas-sis attended a baby shower, leaving my SIL and the CP to their own devices for a couple of hours. The boys decided that a visit to the Art museum was a good way to spend some quality time together. In February, in Philadelphia, it's good to recreate inside. And on Sunday mornings , admission to the Art Museum is free.

My SIL was checking their coats, and the attendant insisted that he also leave the diaper bag,

"What shall I do if my son needs a change?" my SIL inquired.

"Just have your wife throw a diaper in her purse" said the guardian of the cloakroom.

Did you hear that pin drop?What d you think the assumption was.?
A) you are a man , out and about with a two year old, so naturally your wife must be here as well.
B) It is Sunday morning and you are a the Art museum so obviously your wife drug you here.

Either way, not very forward thinking for a cultural center that attracts visitors from around the world. after some give and take it was decided that my SIL could keep the diaper bag with him

And he carried it proudly.

Monday, February 05, 2007
  It's Official - I'm Old

We have an all -news -all -the -time radio station here in the tri-state area. I am sure you have one too. Like most people, we turn it on mow and then. When we need traffic , or weather or when the local rock and roll station is airing public access shows.It's not very exciting, but it is up to the minute. And it's accurate.

So the other day Sarcasdad is driving to work, tuned into the all- news all- the- time radio station. They air a story about a fire in a nearby local. There was an injury, they reported.. An elderly woman. She was 52.

That;s right . She was 52 and she was elderly.

So it's official.

I am old.

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