Wednesday, January 30, 2008
  Publish Post

And you thought you did all the hard work. As seen on Phillyist.


Monday, January 28, 2008
  Pop Pop Pop

Am I the first to wish you a happy Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day . I thought so. I love the phone technique of the guy on the top right video. I may employ that method at work. And the guy on the bottom right , has too much time on his hands.

Sunday, January 27, 2008
  Cultural Icon

On the list of things I never thought I would do was "pose for a photo that would become a playing card in a game ." I have to cross that one off.

Peccable is one of "the kids". He and Star collaborated on a game of Interactive Fiction called "Slouching Towards Bedlam". The game won four XYZZY awards in 2003, including Best Game. It was one of the proudest moments of Star's life, made even better because she shared it with her close friend.

Peccasble has developed another game called Realpolitik, which he describes as "a game of lies, murder, and dirty tricks for 2-5 players ." Game play is accomplished with a set of playing cards. To produce these cards Peccable gathered family, friends and some props. He was kind enough to include Sarcas-dad & I in the the process. And that is how I wound up as Csssandra ,who, I believe is a secret agent and as a kidnap victim. Sarcasdad is also an agent I think and I'm pretty sure his fist is the focus of another card. I have seen the finished cards, but I haven't picked up m copy of the game yet so I' m going on memory here.

Peccable also included Star in the game. Here is her card.

She would be pleased. Thanks Peccable.

To find out more about Realpolitik visit Peccable Productions.

To find out more about Star visit Sarcasmo's Corner. If you do, go back into the archives to read her posts which are incredible. She really was a cultural icon. The more recent posts are mine.

You an buy Realpolitik here.

Thursday, January 24, 2008
  SuperBowl Predictions

I know. You didn't expect me to weigh in on the Super Bowl did you?

Like many families around the globe we here at the Sarcas-house have a Super Bowl tradition. We gather in front of the television , armed with enough snack food to sustain an actual football team, and hunker down to watch. The commercials. We surf the internet and read the Sunday paper during the game, but when those commercials come on we are riveted to the set. Over the years, the kids have dispersed to their own homes, leaving Sarcas-dad and I to carry on ourselves. And we do, still with enough snack food to feed that football team. I know the tradition took with the girls though. One year we were watching the commercials and when the game resumed our phone rang. It was Sarcas-sis calling, I think from Germany where the game was being aired live at some obscene hour in the morning and she was shouting "Who's your Daddy?" into the phone in reference to an ad that had just debuted. Ahhh, tradition.

We learned early on that the whole Super Bowl thing is a lot more interesting if you are rooting for somebody. We have no loyalties. It would have been easy just to root for whoever Sarcas-dad thought would win. I think he does actually watch the game, although he long ago gave up trying to interest any of us in the details of touchdowns and penalties and first downs. The girls and I thought long and hard ( for about 30 seconds) about the criteria we would assess in order to choose a standard to bear.

We choose the team with the cutest quarterback. Inspired, no? One year we did pick the Dallas Cowboys because their uniforms made the teams butts particularly attractive to watch as they lined up for the snap. But I think that was just way too much for Sarcas-dad so we went back to the CQ stat. Some years it's a no-brainer. And some years it's hard to pick. While we may not initially agree who looks best on the gridiron, we will eventually present a united front.

This year I think might be a tough one. Who's the winner ? Tom Brady or Eli Manning ? Patriots or Giants ? Come on Sarcas-girls. Give me you picks. I'll go first and choose Patriots QB Tom Brady. Although I could be swayed to the other side. What say you both?

Anyone else care to use our scientific method to predict a winner?

Sunday, January 20, 2008
  Good News and Good News

Sarcasmo Jr. is packing up and moving on. She will say goodbye to Bear Country and hello to a new home, yet to be explored and blog-nomered. She will also be starting a new job. One that she is looking forward to This is good news. She won't be moving any closer to home,but she won't be any farther away either. I promised her I would be vague about the details so that her professional life stays private. I think I have been adequately obscure. For the record though, we are very happy for her.

And the other good news is, I plan to be spending some time here in June.

Sunday, January 13, 2008
  They're Like Elephants

The CP stayed over at our house Saturday night. I learned a few new things hanging out with him on Sunday.

After watching an episode of "Go Diego, Go", I now now that :

a) Dora- of Dora Dora Dora the Explorer fame, and, Diego's cousin, lives on a mountaintop.


b) Llamas like to hum. That's right, I said hum. You didn't know either , did you?

Saras-sis has said on more than on occasion that if the US is serious about obtaining information from suspected terrorists, they should shelve current "interrogation methods" and lock them in a cell with a three year old. After a day of the "but whys" I can see her point.
"Mom Mom-why are you making toast in the oven?"
"Because the toaster oven is broken"
"But why is it broken?"
"Because it's not plugged it"
"But why is it not plugged in?"
"Because Pop pop unplugged it"
"But why did Pop Pop unplug it?"
"Because he has to fix it"
"But why does he have to fix it?"
"Because it's bro---Oh look CP a monkey!"

Seriously I think they would give up Osama just to get a break.

I also got an anatomy lesson. The CP is newly potty trained and trips to the bathroom are still an event. As he was hitting the mark this morning he pointed out that he had a penis. Then he asked if I did, and I said I did not.
"but why don't you have a penis?"
"because I'm a girl"
Thankfully he took that answer as a fait a compli. What did follow however was a verbal survey of everyone he knows.
"Does mommy have a penis?"
"Does Daddy"
"Does Carly?"
I have no personal knowledge about most of the people he mentioned, so I just answered along gender lines. It seemed a pretty safe bet. Hours later, he was helping me throw clothes into the washing machine. A misstep backwards landed him in the basket of laundry. He just giggled and sat there.
"You better get up"
"But why?"
"Because I might throw you in the washer with the dirty clothes"
"I don't think so"
"But why?"( yes- I got one in)
"because then I would be clothes and you would wear me over your not-penis"

He says "but why?'. And I say "but why not?!"

Monday, January 07, 2008
  One If By Land , and Two if You're Pregnant

After 25 plus years of working "with" the public, as they say, I know enough to never say "Now I've heard it all." Never underestimate the ability of people to do something that will make you wonder why you are still in this line of work.

Today a woman called and said that she had purchased a home pregnancy test at our store. But when she got home the stick already had 2 blue lines on it. So she thought t was broken. Not entirely sure this wasn't a scam to get money for nothing, I told her she could exchange the test for a new one. I shared the gist of the call with co-workers and we made jokes about the test being so accurate, it knows if you are pregnant before you use it. Then we went on with the day.

Apparently this woman came to the store a few hours later, and was waited on by another employee.'

Customer: "I called earlier. This test already had 2 blue lines on it when I opened it. I was told I could exchange it for a new one." As she was speaking she tilted the open box and dropped the test stick into the employees hand.

Employee: "I've never heard of that happening."

Customer "I know. I even tried pee-ing on it to see if it changed anything but there are still 2 blue lines" (remember my co-worker is holding the used peed -on pregnancy test)

With any kind of luck she isn't pregnant. Some people shouldn't re-produce.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008
  Consumer Reports

We need a new TV. The 26 inch box like one one in the living room is old, not HD compatible, and according to Wikipedia:

"On February 17, 2009, the US will terminate all terrestrial analog broadcasting in favor of digital broadcasting, which can be standard-definition (SDTV) or HDTV.[5]"

For years now it seems we have been expecting the one we have to bite the dust any time now. Then we would be forced to upgrade to one of those shiny pretty high resolution sets that line the walls at Circuit City. And do so with a clear conscience. Apparently however, they built this sucker to last, so we have abandoned that line of thinking. Because really the WII looks so much better on a bigger screen.

Once again I turn to you, dear internet friends. You were so helpful when I was deciding on a new vacuum, and a new range. I need your input. Plasma or LCD.? I have read the lists of pros and cons of each and am still undecided. Can you recommend a brand? We will most likely be 12 to 15 feet from the screen. What size do you think is optimal? Any opinions you have to offer will be much appreciated.

You guys are better than Consumer Reports.

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