Monday, March 10, 2008
  Philosophically Speaking

I was turned around talking to the CP who was strapped into his carseat behind me. I heard a sharp intake of breathe and an "OMG " from the driver's seat. "What happened ?" I asked . Sarcas-sis pointed across the 12 lane divided highway. "That tree just fell over !" she said. Sure enough. A very tall piney type tree was lying across the three outer southbound lanes of Route 1. Two days of rain and gale force winds must have been more than the tree could withstand. Miraculously it appeared that on this very busy highway, the tree had managed to fall without inflicting serious damage on any autos, although I am sure there were some raised heartbeats among the drivers.

It was not lost on me that there was an opportunity to witness an unusual event , and I was looking the other way. But besides that, I can say this. A tree fell, and I didn't hear a sound. Of course t wasn't in the woods. And we had the windows up.

Not conclusive proof of anything , I'll grant you. But no less valid than other hypotheses.

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