Saturday, April 19, 2008
  Stock Tip

The bad news is that the server that hosts my, and my daughter's blog crashed last Sunday night, leaving us both as a "webpage cannot be displayed" on the internet. The good news is that it is back up. The bad news is that it was down until Wednesday afternoon, and I don't think anyone noticed except for one young man who visits Sarcasmo's Corner. He emailed me to see if all was okay. (Thanks Chris). The good news is that I learned a new definition of the word "shortly" Apparently, when used by help desk personnel, as in, "this will be resolved shortly", or,
"service should be restored shortly" it means that the user has absolutely no idea what went wrong or when it will be fixed and rather than admitting this would lead you to believe that all is under control, and this is what was supposed to happen. Of course, when things were not resolved "shortly" I was sure that even though the fine person who answered my call promised that all my data was safe, that the Internet Gods had selectively restored all the other blogs, and not mine. This is how my mind works. If I had lost the archives of Wednesdays Off, I would have been disappointed, but not defeated. I can always start over. But had I lost all the brilliant words my daughter had written in her lifetime , that would have left me heartsick. Of course, now that everything is in working order I feel a little silly. But I still plan to make a back-up of all of her posts. Just in case.

Had the blog been up I would have told you that I saw my first red red robin, bob bob bobbin' along. So, in my mind ( the same one that jumps to fatalistic conclusions) it is officially springtime in Philadelphia. It is also primary election time in Philadelphia and its getting a little crowded in town. What with all the candidates, the pundits, the reporters and the National Tattoo Arts Convention. Since it is officially springtime, the grill is officially fired up. I even self cleaned the new oven, as I don't plan to use it again until after Labor Day. Which leads to the stock tip.

The CP was here for dinner one day and we had barbecued chicken and potato salad. The CP asked if we had any mashed potatoes because they are his favorite kind. I didn't, but I made a mental note to make sure I served them the next time we dined together. On Wednesday he was here for dinner. There was a yummy pork roast on the grill and some Bob Evans potatoes in the microwave oven. ( I said I would serve them, I didn't say I would mash them). I was watching a little Noggin with the CP when Sarcasdad called from the kitchen to ask if the potatoes were done.

"What kind of potatoes?" the CP asked
"Mashed potatoes" I said
He thought about it for a few seconds .
"The last time I was here I told you I wanted mashed potatoes. Did you make mashed potatoes for me?" he said.
"Of course" I replied.

He gave me the biggest hug his little arms could accomplish and said "Oh thank you Mom Mom. You are the very best Mom Mom"

Buy stock in Bob Evans. Their mashed potato sales are going to go up.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008
  Have You Heard the One ?

We have a friend who has decided to try his hand at stand-up comedy. I've heard some of his shtick, and he's actually funny. I would love to go and see him perform live, and as soon as he plays a club where he is on and off the stage before 9:30, I'm there. Until then I catch him on U-Tube.
We know another comedian who plays a little closer to home, and, is in bed by 9:30 as well. That would be the CP. He loooovvves a good knock knock joke. Or any good joke. Once he hears it , it is part of his repertiore. Yes, he is 3, and he has a repertoire.On Easter the family went to brunch and the CP made the rounds of the banquet table, cracking up the great -aunts and great -uncles.
"Knock Knock"
"Who's there?"
"Boo who?"
"Don't cry, it's only a joke"
"Why did the cookie go to the Dr.?"
"I don't now CP, why did the cookie go to the DR"
"Because he felt crummy"
I could go on, but I don't want to give away all of his material. This morning I was brushing my teeth and I heard a cute joke on the radio. I knew he'd love it, so I called him.

"CP, How does a dog turn off the DVD player"{the original joke was how did the dog turn off the VCR, but I didn't think he would know what that was! So I changed it)
"I don't know Mom Mom. How does a dog turn off the DVD player?". (The CP knows the proper sequencing of a good joke)
"He presses the "paws" button"

The CP giggled. "Do you get it?" I asked. "I get it" he replied. He's only 3, but I think he really does get it.

Understandably, Sarcas-sis is is proud that her little comedic prodigy can remember all the jokes, and tell them rather rapid fire,and in no particular order. Possibly she is also slightly apprehensive that this joke telling talent will lead to unwanted missives from teachers.

"Dear CP's Mom- We all love the CP's jokes, but would prefer he refrain from telling them during math class."

The CP's penchant for center stage comes naturally. His Mom, and her sisters all did their share of concerts, plays, and dance recitals. Sarcas-sis participated in a school talent show, I think in about fourth grade. She sang a solo (Mandy), played the piano (The Rose) and as the show finale she and a classmate put on a gymnastics demonstration that got them a standing ovation. As her teacher exited the auditorium she said to me "I had no idea she was so flexible"
Knock Knock
(Who's there?)
(Letter who?)
Letter in-she's knocking!

Always leave them laughing.

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