Sunday, September 28, 2008
  Movin' on Up

I just got a very detailed message from the service that hosts his blog. Apparently my server is moving from LA to San Diego. After my recent trip to San Diego I can't say I blame it. They are moving both the data, and the actual physical sever. It says something in among all the technical stuff about starting Monday and ending Thursday. So if this site disappears for a few days worry not faithful reader(s). We shall return after a short ride down the Pacific Coast highway.

Sunday, September 21, 2008
  A Foster Piece

My MIL , or Mom Mom as she is known to my kids, has always been one to have the family over for dinner. If your plate was not heaped to overflowing, or you didn't have seconds she would inquire if you were ill. And of course, dinner included desert. There was always a selection of pies and cakes, of which you were encouraged to try a piece of each. You could could ask for a small piece. You could ask, But you got half a pie or half a cake. Sometimes there was as many as 14 of us around the table, and still, everyone got a half. We never knew how she did it.
And thus, the term "Foster Piece" was coined at our house When someone was doling out slices of birthday cake it was common practice to threaten everyone with a "Foster Piece" instead of the little tiny slice they were requesting.
With the arrival of the CP the mantel has been passed. My MIL is now called Great Gran. I, am Mom Mom, and Sacassis is Mommy.
So tonight when Sarcasis and I were plating up not only the birthday pie I had baked at Sarcasdad's request, but also the birthday cake with the Batman symbol in marshmallows on top baked by the CP, and ice cream, we were highly amused by the following exchange.

Great Gran: "CP, tell Mom Mom and Mommy that I want just a small piece".

The CP dutifully relayed the message. Through our laughter induced tears, Sarcassis handed the CP a plate to take to Great Gran. It was fully loaded with cake, pie and ice cream. "Tell her just to eat what she wants" Sacassis said. The CP returned to the living room.

The CP:"I'm sorry Great Gran. I told them"

Like I said The mantel has been passed.

Friday, September 19, 2008
  Ahoy Mateys !!!

Avast ye hearties. Today be the day of days. Tis Talk Like a Pirate Day ! If yer pirate speak be rusty, here be where ye can polish it.
So stow yer booty, belay yer bellyachin' and lift a pint o' grog to the day.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008
  It's onlyy 99 Days til Christmas

I saw this in a store today. I figure somebody had to come up ith the idea, somebody had to manufacture it, and somebody had to market it to somebody who bought it wholesale so it could be on that store shelf. That's a lot of effort for such a thing, dontcha think? I wonder how many they will sell.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008
  When in Rome - It Was Tuesday & the Pope Wasn't In

Okay, so back to Rome. After I put up the last post I realized two things. One is, I have the days confused. We got to Rome on Monday night, and we left Italy on Wednesday. Not a big deal but somebody might notice. The other is that the name of our bed & breakfast was the hotel Stella. As I mentioned we were tired , lost and toting too much luggage. It is at times like this that my mind goes off to strange places. So as I tagged along at the end of the line of lost souls I called out "STELLLLLA",(ala On the Waterfront) just loud enough for the CP to hear. It made him laugh, but he had no idea why. He was tired too.

Our Saints and Sinners tour kicked off at the Vatican. It was amazing. The artwork and the history were awesome. Actually it was better than that but I don't think there are appropriate adjectives. I am not religious, and I have never found art museum all that interesting. The Vatican was fantastic. We were given headsets so we could hear our tour guide, a lovely Italian woman who obviously loved her subject. I left the tour much more knowledgeable than I began it.

We took our turn stepping into the Sistine Chapel where silence is demanded as a sign of respect. It was pretty cool to see the famous ceiling so often referenced in books and movies. Sarcassis and I were both surprised at the size, it being smaller than we imagined. I had also always pictured it as round, rather than the oblong shape it is. I have to take a second to brag about the CP. He was quite as a church mouse. Not easy for a three year old. One of my favorite moments of the Italy trip occurred here in the Chapel. As we moved to the back of the room, we saw raised marble on the walls. We saw people touching it, and the watchful guards who were quick to shush the crowd if there was a murmur heard, were not stopping anyone. Sarcassis told the CP he could touch it. I watched him run his hands over the marble and whisper to his Mom that it felt cool and smooth. I wonder if he will remember that.

From the Sistine Chapel we were led to the Vatican Grottos. We filed past the tombs of Popes, with the marble slab marking the resting place of Pope John Paul II getting the most attention.

Our tour continued through St. Peter's Basilica where we saw La Pieta, and viewed more incredible pieces of art and beautiful architecture. Then we were led out to St. Peter's Square. On Wednesday's the Pope gives a public audience, but it was Tuesday, so we only got to see the window where he appears. Now when I see it on television I will truly appreciate how many people it takes to mob that massive square.

Once more we followed our guide for a walk into Vatican City. She gave us some background, some shopping tips, and deposited us at a gift shop. Just like Disney!

Next- fun things happen on the way to the Forum.

Monday, September 01, 2008

The CP is, as he will tell you if asked, three and a half years old. For someone of such tender years, he has been exposed to a wealth of experiences. Really, he is quite the bon vivant of the pre- school set. And he has an impressive range of musical preferences. Still this made me laugh.
Yesterday I was at his house and we were playing a game where he was the daddy, and I was the baby. He was putting me to bed."Would you like some music?" he asked. I said yes.
"Beatles or Wiggles?" he offered.

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