Saturday, November 29, 2008
  Changin It Up

This year we decided to change out the tried and true and introduce some new dishes to our Thanksgiving table. Sarcasmo Jr. kicked off our meal with Roasted Butternut Squash Soup. Mmm mmm good! That is not to suggest she merely opened a can. I think she estimated it took 2 hours to complete. It was one of those sneaky recipes. One of the ingredients for the soup is a whole other recipe for roasted butternut squash, and one of those ingredients is another recipe for a rub. She toasted and pureed her way step by step and the result was delicious. We both agreed that we liked the roasted butternut squash itself and we might make that side dish next year. Sarcas-sis made a vegetable dish with tomatoes and eggplant and cheese that was yummy. Not so good was a sweet potato side made in a crockpot. I had seen the recipe online and thought that making them in a crockpot was a great way to free up oven space. I still think it's a good idea, but not with that particular recipe. I think I made up for it with this Hazelnut Pumpkin Pie. I really like it and I am not a big an of pumpkin pie. I didn't taste the hazelnut so much in the pie, but it really came through in the crust. We did, in case you were wondering, keep the turkey.
Now, in an even more radical move for us , we have decided to put the Christmas tree in the only corner of the living room it has never occupied in the 30 years we have lived here. In previous years we had some flexibility with the furniture, but the new , really heavy leather sectional that is hooked together in a way that involves words you don't say at Christmas time has taken that option out of the mix. The new location will require moving the flat screen tv that we also did not have to work around last year. Since it is hooked up to the satellite, and, we would like to be able to see it while reclining on the previously mentioned leather sectional, it has to go on the mantle. Because it has to go on the mantle, that means, I have to find a new place to display my many many Christmas mice. I know you all gasped when you read that. The tree might have migrated over the years, but those mice were a fixture on that mantle all thirty Christmases.
As someone supposedly has said ' traditions were made to be broken'. Or maybe it was rules that were made. Whatever. What traditions will you be keeping this holiday season? Are you planning to break with any old ones, or perhaps start a new one?

Saturday, November 15, 2008
  SHHHHH, Don't Tell My Husband

The CP has apparently been working on relationships. The other day he told me that he knew Sarcasdad and I are his mommy's mom & dad, and that his other grandparents are his daddy's mom and dad. he even comprehends that his great grandmother is Sarcasdad's mom. All good stuff. At dinner he asked if he could serve me the salad. He did so, an then announced "Pop Pop, I put salad on your wife's plate", for which Sarcasdad duly thanked him. Later in the evening he spotted Sarcasdad catching a nap.."Mom Mom" he said, "your boyfriend is sleeping on the sofa"!

Like I said, Shhhhhh!

I started my Christmas shopping! Hooray! I only got one gift, but I have officially kicked it off. I went to Target, and was surprised at how empty it was. I had to run another errand at a local outlet mall. It was so quiet there, that store employees were poking their heads out into the mall walkway area to see if there were any customers. Sorry. It was only me and I was headed for the post office. Santa has already stationed himself and his elves in local shopping meccas, and at least one radio station here is playing Christmas music. Despite the efforts of retailers to kick off the holiday shopping season I found no hustle or bustle. How does it look in your neck of the woods?

Sarcasdad and I took the train to New York and caught a play on 42nd street.We saw Young Frankenstein. In between getting the tickets and seeing the play we stopped for lunch at a Mexican restaurant. In New York the calorie count is listed right on the menu. There is talk about doing that here every now and then. I am not sure I like it. Sarcasdad had settled on an appetizer for us to share until he spied the 2000 plus calories we would be ingesting. He picked something else.
Do restaurants where you live list the calorie count right on the menu? What do you think about that? Has it ever influenced your choice ?

Sunday, November 02, 2008
  With Apologies to Joan Jett

The CP asked if he could sing me a song on my birthday. It's not the one you think. Since you can't hear me singing ( you lucky, lucky people) you need to imagine that he did this in his almost 4 year old voice. He had the rhythm dead to rights and an inflection that showed he had heard this tune a time or two.

" I love rock & roll, put another dime in the juice box baby"

I guess it is all about your frame of reference, isn't it? Even if he knows what a juke box is, it has been long time since a dime will buy you a song.
Similarly, at work the other day, I went into a small office and found that approximately 90% of store staff was in there, jockeying with each other for access to computers and printers.
"Whatsa matter?' I cracked. "couldn't find a phone booth?"
There was little reaction, and I realized that most of the people in the room had no idea I was referring to this. As one of the people in the know pointed out, they most likely had never even been in a phone booth. Someone else who got the reference did say it was like stuffing a Volkswagon. Talk about dating yourself!

Since I started off with a CP story, I'll end with one. You may have heard, that the Phillies won the World Series. It was in all the papers here. There was a parade that drew a crowd larger than the population of the city. Wisely, Sarcassis listened to it on her car radio. When Chase Utley got to speak, the CP was all ears for his favorite player. We all know what he said.
"We are the World F***ing Champions".
And the CP said......
"Hey Mommy, we are the World F***ing Champions"
Sarcassis did the Mommy thing, and explained that it was not polite to use that word.
"But Mommy. Chase Utley said it!" the CP reasoned.

I wonder what Chase Utley's mom said?

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