Monday, January 12, 2009
  Fractured Fairy Tales

Yesterday I spent a perfectly lovely afternoon with some friends from the Borough. You remember the Borough, right? It was an all female get together, and it went pretty much like you would expect. We gathered around the table and ate, and drank, and watched the Eagles game. Words like "orgasm" and "fat free" were bandied about in otherwise polite conversation. When the topic of discussion was the present economic situation, one of the party goers made the following observation. It reminded me of a fable I had heard as child. I know it was about two of the same kind of animal. One responsible, and one not. I think it may have been grasshoppers. Or ants. Or squirrels. I really can't remember. Anyway, my friend who I know to be intelligent and hard working, had a plan for her life. The Borough was a part time job , that supplemented her income as a state government employee. She, being the responsible one systematically put away money with an aim at early retirement. Her nest egg was going to carry her through until the pension kicked in. Her brother was the irresponsible one. He did whatever he wanted, and never worried about tomorrow. The irony is that current market free-fall has left her in about the same financial position he is in. Only he had fun getting there.

The story is really similar to the fable, but I'm not sure the moral is the same.

Thursday, January 08, 2009
  My Life is in the Recycle Bin

It was a dark and stormy night. But more on that later.*

I can cite any one of a number of reasons for my not having blogged for a while. There was holiday shopping and wrapping and cleaning and decorating and cooking. Sarcas-sis was home for a visit, and the CP had a four night sleepover at our house. Then of course there was the post holiday cleaning and un-decorating which I have not actually done yet, but have spent time thinking about doing. And somewhere in there was a bout with a stomach flu.

Not blogging does not mean I was not reading. I did keep up with all you guys. And all of the best of the year lists. The best movies of 2008, the best songs of 2008, the best celebrity scandal of 2008. You know, all the usual stuff. I tried to think of one I could author with some authority, but New Years Eve was probably too late to be throwing something together. Average Jane put up a post listing the first sentence of her first post of each month of 2008. Kind of an Average Jane Year in Review. I thought it was a brilliant idea and set out to do the same. Except my sentences were less than thought provoking, and for the most part gave no clue as to the gist of the story to follow.

Just so you know it is my sentences, and not my life which are dull, I am going to share the most exciting news I have had in 2009. Ready? Here goes. The mayor has announced that we can now recycle weekly, instead of bi-weekly. I am beside myself with joy. First of all, I like my trash neat and tidy. Having to keep the glass, plastic, aluminum and paper for two weeks was really not ideal. And now I don't have to worry about the trash person getting a hernia lifting all those wine bottles at once. I will miss the little game all the neighbors played. I don't know what it was called, but the idea was not to be the first person to put your recycling out, thereby signalling that it was recycling week, which in turn would cause everyone else to haul their cans to the curb. Because if you were wrong, boy was everybody mad. Of course you could call their bluff and not put your recycling out, but if it was recycling week, well then, didn't you look silly. Especially two weeks later when you needed a U-haul to get your contribution to a better world out to the front of the house. My immediate next door neighbor had a great signature move. He would put his papers and bottles right outside his front door. Sort of halfway to the curb. He wasn't saying t was recycling week and he wasn't saying it wasn't. Well played I always thought.

As soon as I heard the news I shared it with Sarcasdad, who masked his own excitement with a stifled yawn. Soon after, Sarcas-sis came by and she was just as excited as I was with the new schedule. Life just doesn't stand stil here in the big city.

* It has nothing to do with anything, but it was a much better first sentence than the actual one. Just in case I want to do a Sarcasmom 2009 review.

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