Thursday, March 26, 2009
  I Need a Hero(ine)

I knew that new Target store would be trouble. There were already two local Target stores, each about 7 miles away in opposite directions. Just far enough that I only went there for a specific purchase. Then they went and put one right smack in the middle. Only 3 miles from door to door. Actually right across the street from where I was working until the last transfer. Seriously, on a clear day around here you an see Target in any direction.

If I had to go seven miles when I realized I had nothing appropriate to wear to Super Hero Day last Sunday, I would have just let it go. But three miles? No problem. There and back in a Flash ! I had gotten the CP a super hero T-shirt to wear to the ball. Not that he has any lack of super hero apparel but the kid is growing like a weed and can always use a new shirt. It hadn't dawned on me that I should dress for the occasion too. Especially since the mailer said if you came in costume you got a break on admission. It was a pretty good bet there would be a lot of costumed crusaders present and I wanted to be somewhat in the spirit of the day. Sarcasdad used to have a Superman T-shit, but odds of putting my hands on it, if it even still exists, were slim. So off to Target I went.

The floor plan at Target takes you right into women's clothes. I check the T-shirts, the pj's and then everything else. Not one super hero. Not one. On the way to the men's section I passed the little boys clothes where Spiderman, Ninja Turtles and Ironman were everywhere. Even on the underwear. The men's department had a choice of several themed shirts and I went with the simple Superman S on a blue background.

I wasn't wrong about there being almost as many costumed adults as kids. Most like me, were sporting a token piece of apparel. But some had gone the whole route. Among them I did not see one female crime fighter represented. One woman did come as Robin, the Boy Wonder, but that was as close as it got. There were 2 young ladies dressed in sparkly spandex and tights as we entered the museum. Their function was to hand you a map. I asked the CP who is my resident expert on Super Hero identities who they might be. "Nobody" he answered with a shrug, confirming my suspicion that they were dressed like that only because they could be. Wonder Woman did make appearances throughout the event, courtesy of another museum employee or volunteer.(trivia question: Can you name Wonder Woman's alter ego? Answer at the end of the post) It was obvious why none of the women attending had chosen her to represent. Most had one, or more children, mostly male and mostly between the ages of 4 and 6 in tow. It's tough to tote an over sized bag of snacks and playful diversions for long waits in long lines when you are sporting that bare shoulder look. And the cape just gets in the way. Although I could have used it when the CP and I made our own Super Hero masks at the craft table. He went a little heavy on the glue. And those boots would have been treacherous on the marble museum flooring. The golden lariat might have been useful however, just to reign the little crime fighters in now and then. There was also the museum's own personal Super Hero, Super Museum Girl. She was more suitably dressed. In fact she was so covered head to toe that we only knew she was female because it was written in felt on her chest.

And to be perfectly frank, neither of the women got much attention from the crowd. Whereas Wolverine and Batman were swamped by the adoring masses whenever they appeared. We women like to dress to impress. And on Super Hero Day it meant being one of the boys.

trivia answer: Diana PRINCE ! A not so subtle nod to the guys.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009
  The Classics

I was told by other experienced grandmoms, that the CP would go through stages. The Teletubbies stage, the Barney stage, the Wiggles stage, the Thomas stage, and most currently, the Dora/Diego stage. And so he has. And we, as doting grandparents have gone along for the ride. Suffering through the purple dinosaur and learning the words to "Chugga Chugga Big Red Car." Each stage has been supported by the purchase of books, cd's ,dvd's and show tickets, marketed by some very smart people. Most likely other grandparents.

When we were flying home from Italy. I was watching "American Gangster" on my personal in -flight video screen. The CP, seated next to me with head phones and his own video screen poked me in the side. "Mom Mom" he said. "I just love that duck and that rabbit" . I leaned over to see what he was talking about and was delighted to see that he had been watching a Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck cartoon. He just didn't know their names, because they are not on Nickleodeon. Apparently he has pursued his interest. On the train to New York in December, out of the blue he turned to me and said "Mom Mom. it's wabbit season" We did the "duck season/wabbit season" routine from Newark to Secaucus.

Last weekend the CP stayed overnight. On Sunday morning, both his grandfather and I were in the kitchen making waffles. He stayed, by himself, in the living room/ Usually he doesn't like to be alone for long. But this Sunday morning, not only did he not come running into the kitchen to drag one of us out, we could here him laughing. Curiosity got the best of me , and I went to see what he was watching. It was The Pink Panther. The episode, Sherlock Pink, originally aired in 1976, the year the CP's mother was born. I wondered if he would really understand it since there is no dialogue. He laughed in all the right places, and later gave his mom a spot on synopsis of the cartoon.

He has also seen Popeye while at our house, (he loved the theme song) and is quite taken with Tom and Jerry. I have to admit that I inwardly cringed when seconds into the cartoon, Tom took a coffee table to the head , raising quite a goose egg. It seemed so violent. But you know, my girls watched these cartoons, (as did I ) and to the best of my knowledge they never hit each other with frying pans or flattened one another with a steam roller.

Already I am planning ahead to share other classics with him, like , this one.

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