Saturday, July 11, 2009
  Apples & Trees

My Friday night was embellished by an invitation to make apple dumplings with the CP and Sarcas-sis. I went to their house with a store bought pre-made pie crust and a box of vanilla pudding. Sarcas-sis had the apples sliced and waiting. And so the cinnamon stick was passed to the youngest generation, The CP cut the dough, piled in the apples and butter and the spices. He folded each one up as a present. Of course, as he is only 4 he had to rely on sous chef Mom to put them in the oven and to cook the vanilla sauce on the stove.
Apple dumplings remind me of my Mom. I don't remember how it started, but, on the rare occasion that my Dad was not joining us , we would make 2 huge dumplings, each big enough to fill a vegetable bowl, and we called it dinner. The deal was always that I made the crust, from scratch, and my Mom did the rest. Because, she always swore she couldn't make a decent pie crust. Funny, me either. Hence the store bought pre- made crust on Friday night. I guess, as she would have said, that apple didn't fall far from the tree.
My Mom was also good about reminding me of things. One day. years after the fact she asked me if I remembered when my girls used to make "shows" down in the basement. When they were little the girls, often joined by this one, and by another as well, who I shall hereby and forever on this blog refer to as The Girl Next Door, spent whole days in our basements, making up a show. Using whatever was at hand from the toy boxes Sarcasdad built, they decorated, made costumes and crafted a "show . When all was ready, any adults on hand were invited in to view their extravaganza. The memories came flooding back, as soon as Mom mentioned it. It was however a shock to realize that I had let that memory slip away.
Being the grandmother now, I can see how the day to day can push those memorable moments aside. I am writing this post more for myself, my daughter, and for the CP, in case I forget to remind them about it someday. I have seen a few articles online recently, comparing blogging to social networking sites. Twitter & Facebook are bullet points for the here and now. But blogs are forever. Or at least as forever as your provider is up and you pay the bill.
After we enjoyed our apple dumplings we adjoined to the basement, where the CP has a miniature electric piano. It is white and is made to look like a baby grans with the slanted top and has a matching bench, and a microphone. He slid on the bench picked up the mic and announced that we were going to recreate "Little Red Riding Hood". Being short on actors, Sarcas-sis played Red's mother, grandmother, and the wolf ! Being 6 months pregnant she did all while seated. What a performance. This left me free to devote my acting talents to the role of Little Red. The CP provided the background music with his piano, and , knowing that the show must go on, jumped in at the end to portray the heroic Woodsman who saves Little Red. The performance was loudly applauded by the three of us when it was over.
An encore was called for and the CP called on us for "The Three Little Pigs". He assumed much more of a directorial role this time, assigning us our parts. I, was the wolf and Sarcas-sis, having proved herself multi-talented was all three pigs. Except for when there were 2 pigs in one scene and then we traded off. Sounds confusing, but wasn't if you were there. Things went smoothly until Sarcas-sis blew a line by saying , as a pig,"not by the hair of my chinny -chin chin".
The CP immediately called a halt over his mic, got up and walked over to Sarcas-sis. "It's not by the hair of my chinny- chin -chin, " he explained "it's YOUR chinny -chin -chin. The wolf has the hair on his chin, not the pig" Sarcas-sis protested that she hadn't gotten a script and was therefore ad -libbing. He said we could start again and this time she got it right, and I was commended from the piano bench for my portrayal of the wolf. Although to be completely honest, the CP did have to stop production one time on my account because I was building a house of twigs and he wanted a house of sticks. Directors ! right?
When it was over, there wasn't a dry eye in the basement. Sarcas-sis and I were laughing so hard we were crying.
When the CP was more a toddler he would insist that all the adults in a room get up and ance with him, or play Simon says. Sarcas-sis predicted he would one day be The CP, cruise director. I think he has an Academy Award in his future. But then he is only 4.
Anyway. It was a lot of fun. And I don't want to forget.

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