Wednesday, August 26, 2009
  Can I Borrow Your Pen ?

We finished all of our errands before lunch. You know, the ones you do on your "day off". I was making a mental list of what I wanted to accomplish this afternoon . Rearrange the furniture, wash the car, bake a cake.. ..oh who am I kidding. I was going to waste time on Facebook. I really do have some recipes to print out. When I remembered that, I also realized we had failed to stop and buy a new printer. The one we had being the latest in a depressing list of things that have needed repair and replacement around here lately.We didn't feel so bad about this purchase though. We know that we printed Sarcasmo's wedding invitations on this printer, and she got married in 1999. I think we got our money's worth.
Back to the recipes. I told Sarcasdad that I was going to have to write them out by hand and we both had a good laugh, ate lunch, jumped in the car, and went out to get a new printer. Apparently we find that less of an effort than looking for a pen.
Thinking about it, printing out recipes seems like a throwback to days gone by. I got one for a tasty BBQ dish from kenju. I looked it up on my iPhone when I was shopping for the ingredients, and took my phone into the kitchen when I was preparing it for the grill. That worked out just fine. So why waste the paper? I have to say though that I am not a fan of taking the laptop into the kitchen while I am cooking. For some reason I seem to use every available square inch of counter and table space to make the meal and the computer winds up perched precariously on top of other things, or in another room altogrether. Plus, I am not neat. Spaghetti sauce on the display screen would not be good. The phone stays in my pocket when I am not referring to it.
I am beyond worrying about hard copy back ups of keepakes because we back up ours files. (don't we Sarcasdad?) I think if I am truthful, it is somewhat a tradition to paste the paper copies into a journal given to me years ago by Sarcasmo Jr.. A journal I secretly hope the girls will covet, and maybe argue over who gets to have it someday. Of course, I could settle that by leaving each of them my passwords.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009
  If You Had Two, Would They Tango ?

The CP has was playing with 5 brand new Littlest Pet Shop animals. I asked if he had named them. The cat was Cutie, because all cats are cute. The dog was Hot Dog because it came with one as an accessory. The mice were Eek and Squeaky. The elephant he named Cha- Cha, because :
"everybody knows that elephants love to cha-cha."
If you didn't before, you do now.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Two women, each accompanied by a little boy were in a checkout line at the store where I work. The boys kept each other occupied. The first woman completed her transaction, collected her son and started towards the door. The little boy asked if his friend Sean, could sleep over at their house tonight. The Mom , looking straight ahead as she made her way to the exit, replied "ehhh, I don't know".
The little boy looked back over his shoulder. "Hey Sean" he yelled. "My Mom said maybe"
That wasn't the way I heard it.

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