Wednesday, October 28, 2009
  The Trickle Down Theory

The other day I had a little leak behind the washer. Sarcasdad is pretty handy, but he deferred to the plumber. As the plumber was leaving I heard terms like "demolition" and "public adjuster ".Turns out the leak is not so little.
The soil pipe needs to be replaced. To get to it, the floor needs to be dug up. The toilet and sink enclosed in cheap paneling , which the plumber generously referred to as a powder room has to go, as well as a storage closet and the enclosure around the water heater.
Hopefully, this time next week. it will all be over. Except for the adjusting part. As I understand the procedure, the PA goes to bat for us against the opposing adjuster from the Yankees , insurance company adjuster. ( sorry, Game 1 of the World Series in on the tv). The insurance company coughs up more than they would have without the interference. The PA gets a hefty percentage of the take, possibly leaving us with less than what we would have gotten on our own. But he'll be happy. It's our own personal stimulus program. Glad to help.
The demolition began today with the "powder room" and closets being taken out. I missed it all. I left the house and it was all here. I came back and the basement looks bigger and emptier.
Actually I will miss most of the heavy lifting. Starting Monday Sarcasdad is taking his version of a vacation, where he works from home. He will be dealing with the noise and the mess, and I will be volunteering for overtime at the Pathmark.
It could be worse. At least that's what the plumber said as he gave us the estimate. And if it is, the price goes up accordingly.

Sunday, October 25, 2009
  Post It

We were driving home from the mall when Sarcas-sis pointed out that the car in front of us had a Post-it note stuck to the rear window. On the outside.
It was a real life testament to the sticky square, the bottom part flapping in the wind as we cruised down route 1. The sticky strip at the top held firm.
It really made us wonder. Who ? ( put it there) Why ? ( and did the driver know it was there ) and What ?( did it say)
What do you think?

Friday, October 02, 2009
  What I Did on My Fall Vacation

For anyone who has not found out via Facebook or Twitter, I am proud to announce that Sparkle is here! She was born on 9/29 and weighed in at a respectable 7 lb. 4 oz. and is 20 inches long. And she is beautiful.
No one is more excited by her arrival , it would seem, than her big brother, the CP.
To make sure that his life stayed as normal as possible with all the changes afoot, the CP stayed with us from Monday til Friday. We took him to school , and Chuck E. Cheese , and to visit with Mom and Sparkle in the hospital. We had a great time.
I have said before that this blog serves me sometimes as a journal. A place to keep all of those little memories so they don't get lost, or forgotten. So I can remember and pass them on.
This is one of those posts. If you haven't rolled your eyes and hit your back button, I assume you are going continue reading. These were things I wanted to remember. Little things. But at the moments he said them, he made me laugh. Although not out loud. He is at the age where he doesn't like that. I don't know if you will laugh. Maybe you will, if you remember that he is only 4 & 3/4 years old.

Why Didn't I Think of That - The CP announced that he would like to be a skydiver. This was out of the blue (no pun intended), as we were not discussing anything remotely related. I confirmed that he meant "be a skydiver when I grow up" and not "go skydiving today". He said " but I would open my parachute in the airplane before I jumped out. Then I would know it worked"

No, But Can You Hum a Few Bars ?- I told the CP that one of the songs from his Alvin & the Chipmunks CD was stuck in my head. ( Not at all surprising as we heard this CD from beginning to end about, oh, a kajillion times.) He asked which one and I told him, the "weedy-do" song. The CP said he had a song stuck in his head as well. The Nationwide Song. "The Nationwide Song" I queried. "You know"he said"♫" Nationwide is on your side "♫"

Appearing All Week at This Location- We were on our way to see Mommy and Sparkle. The CP was going to meet his sister for the very first time, and the hand I was holding felt a little apprehensive, As we entered the hospital I said that the mommies and babies would all be in the same part of the hospital. We were going to find that, and then find out what room Mommy was in. The CP suggested that we could just peek into every room until we found his Mom. I said that was a fine idea but I was going to ask the nice lady at the information desk. The CP shrugged and said " Well sure, if you want to so it the easy way"

For those of you who stuck with me to the end, here's the payoff.



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