Saturday, January 23, 2010
  Ish Kabibble

You know what they say. That nothing brings family together like a wedding, or a funeral. Unfortunately, it was the latter that gathered our clan from several corners of the continent.
Those of us still together last night decided to go out to dinner. So 12 of us descended upon our favorite neighborhood restaraunt. A lovely little spot sandwiched between a bar and a hair salon that serves the best Thai cuisine I have ever had ,with perhaps the exception of one meal I ate years ago in Germany. The place has the capacity to seat about 40 people , so we rather dominated the room. As it goes with such groups, there were conversations being held over top of other conversations. And the 12 included our 2 youngest family members, the CP and Sparkle. They are very well behaved children, but, still children. One an infant. So games were played, like , shoot the matchbox cars down the table, and pass the baby from one relative to the next. I felt a little bad for the couple trying to have a nice romantic dinner across the aisle. Just a little.
I know that Sarcasmo Jr., as well as the Flutist and her hubby, the Composer were sorry they had to leave before we all sat down to steamed dumplings and spicy duck. But they will really be sorry when they learn ,that we, played Whisper Down the Lane.
I think it started with a whisper from Sarcasis into the CP's ear. Whatever the secret was, he passed it along to his great-aunt.(I know that sentence made her feel old). She obligingly passed it to his great-uncle and so it went , right around and through a great grandmother, a few more great uncles, a second cousin ( or is it a cousin once removed ? I can never get that straight), Sarcasdad and myself and the CP's dad. Right back to the CP who giggled mightily to find that "Ish Kabibble" had come back as "fish & poodle".
Can we party or what?
The game continued through desert. I suspect some tom foolery on the part of at least one Great Uncle. There is no other explanation for" Mickey Mouse " transposing into "Donald Duck."

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