Monday, March 29, 2010
  It Would Have Been More Fun With Dr. Suess

Welcome all parties,
to our little session.
We're hoping to garner
a heart felt confession.

We have all the facts.
all the photos and movies.
Written accounts
recorded most truly.

Yet with all that we have
we can not pay this claim.
We for sure, without doubt
must assign someone blame.

So we gathered the lawyers,
Numbers 1, 2 & 3
A steno, an expert,
And of course me.

But ,before we get started;
Before we begin,
We have to determine,
just how we fit in.

Who sits to the left?
Who sits on the right?
Not just a chair,
a position of might.

The lawyers, they postured,
Gave each other some grief.
Lawyer One said to me,
"Well, in short, I'll be brief.”

He talked and he talked

And he talked yet some more.

The crux of the matter he said

Was the floor.

The floor had a rug.

And the rug had a bubble

The bubble he said

Was the root of the trouble.

Lawyer two took exception

No bubble he’d say

A bunch, not a bubble

Is what got in the way

Lawyer three chimed in too

Not a bunch or a bubble

A furl, yes a furl

Had caused all the trouble

A bubble, a bunch or a furl

What the hey?

What does it matter?

Somebody will pay.

Seriously folks, that's how I spent my day. I often think it is a good thing no one can hear what is going on in my head.

Sunday, March 07, 2010
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Friday, March 05, 2010

Every so often there is an event that resonates with everyone. That reaches across socio-economic division and mobilizes the masses as a whole. Creates a movement. I feel we are on the cusp of such a happening here in historic Philadelphia. Because, the mayor wants to tax soda. I think to the rest of the country that should read the mayor wants to tax pop.
As I blog this there are people on the local news vowing to make covert runs to the suburbs to get their fix. They will join the ranks of those who sneak contraband liquor over the bridge from New Jersey to circumvent the State Store system. A whole new class of criminal. I can see it now. Patrol cars pulling people over on as they cross over City Line Ave. and Township Line Road and checking trunks for 2 liter bottle of cola.
Really, this is all I have heard about for the last two day. And from my personal observation at work, people are stocking up. It almost makes you wonder if the soda companies aren't fanning the flames.
The proposed tax is 2 cents an ounce, which on a 64 ounce bottle would double the price. The mayor assures us it is for our own good. Not only will we gain revenue, we will fight obesity. We might be poor, but we'll be skinny.
The same proposal includes a plan to charge each household for picking up the trash. Nobody wants to talk about that one.
I don't drink soda as a rule. I can't tell you the last time I had one, and most likely it had some bourbon mixed in with it. But , you know, it is the principal of the thing, What's next? If they put a tax on coffee, that would really hit home.
I am waiting for some one to organize the Philadelphia Pepsi revolt, where we all go down to the river and dump 2 liter bottles of soda into the Delaware., shouting "No taxation with carbonation" ! We would have to disperse quickly though because the city is cracking down on flash mobs.
The title of this post has nothing to do with soda. For lots of reasons I won't bore you with I need to migrate this blog from one place to another. In light of my level of technical proficiency in such maters, I was panic stricken. Not for Wednesdays Off, but because my blog is connected to Star's blog, Sarcasmo's Corner. As much as I would be sorry to lose my chronicles of the trip to Japan, the birth of my grandchildren, and all of the amazing things they have done since ( I didn't mind boring you with that, did I?), losing her words would be devastating to me.
To the rescue came Star's friend, Tim. I have placed her legacy in his most capable hands. Anyway, one of these days soon we will be off the grid for a just a bit.
See you at the new address.

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