Sunday, June 06, 2010
  Bucket List

In the past two weeks people have twice used the term "bucket list " in conversation with me. A friend here on business said that a colleague had a bucket list of things to do before leaving Philadelphia. It got a mention again at dinner last night. Sarcasdad and I were talking travel and he said that visiting Russia was not on his bucket list, but he certainly would not turn down the chance to go. Me either.
As far as places to go and things to do, I don't have an actual list. I would like to see and do as much as absolutely possible before I kick the bucket. As for personal goals, well I will be ecstatic if I can get all of my photos uploaded to Flickr. In sets and collections, with tags and descriptions. My phone had almost 400 photos on it. And not one had yet made it to my personal photostream. I transferred some using Mobile Fotos which I find tedious because you have to toggle between your photos and the app for each individual upload, and you can't see the photos while they are in Mobile Photo. Plus it seems like it takes forever. ( I know. I am uploading photos from my phone to an internet based application in a matter of minutes and I am complaining about how long it takes. What can I tell you?). So I downloaded an app called Flickit. It is faster, and you can see the photos as they are moving over. But any descriptions, tags or set assignments have to be done separately for each photo. As well as privacy settings. Mobile Photo carries your descriptions and settings to the next photo unless you change them. And you still have to toggle back and forth, selecting one photo at a time. So inconvenient. I am still looking for an app that lets you select multiple photos to queue at one time, and also lets you tag them as a group.
Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?
So, I'm down to about 150 phone photos. Most of the 200 plus that were uploaded went to the set titled. "CP, age 4.
I remember thinking "this will be so much easier" when I signed up for my free Flickr account. Which quickly became my paid Flickr pro account.
I am no better off now, than when I had stacks of photos in paper envelopes that needed sorting into albums with plastic sleeves. Except that the pile is in my pocket instead of a shoebox,
Actually, those plastic sleeves were quite an innovation. They did away with those little sticky corners that dried out so your photos fell out of the book. Hands up if you remember them!
Do you have a bucket list? What's on it?

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