Monday, July 26, 2010

The CP lost his first tooth last night. On the bottom, right smack in the middle. Caught unawares, his Mom put him to bed and then put out an MOM on Facebook. Much like an SOS, but directed to Mom's. What was the going rate for a first tooth? She got a flurry of responses , weighed them all , and wisely aligned herself with the kid he is most likely to compare notes with.
The CP was happy to find $5 and a yo-yo under his pillow this morning. Most likely the yo-yo would have been enough, He seemed just satisfied that the Tooth Fairy came.
I related the tale of the tooth to co-workers in the lunchroom today.
"Ten bucks for a first tooth at my house" one grandmother exclaimed.
"Twenty at mine " a mom chimed in. And the kids had special pillows to put their teeth in so the Tooth Fairy didn't have to hunt around under the pillow for them.
I know there has been some inflation in the 25 years or so since the teeth were falling out around here, but good grief! I know our Tooth Fairy left maybe 50 cents because I recall hunting for quarters in the wee hours after I woke from a sound sleep remembering that the Tooth Fairy was supposed to be waiting for a certain someone to nod off before she did.
What is the going rate for teeth in your neck of the woods ?
Oh, and the CP said he was asleep when the Tooth Fairy flew in,and, it is his understanding it is a requirement that you be asleep in order to reap the benefits of the arrangement. He is however pretty sure he can rig a video camera under his quilt, next time.
Two words.
Viral video.

Monday, July 05, 2010
  Check √

In the last post I said I don't have a bucket list. Not entirely accurate. What I have is a reverse bucket list. After I accomplish a first, I add it to the list so I can check it off. Not quite goal oriented to be sure, but it works for me.
So, take a ride on a Cable Car-check. Take a trip down the Pacific Coast Highway-check. Cross the Golden Gate Bridge on a fire engine, twice, as the CP likes to point out- check.


It was windy for sure, but a lot of fun. We also got a tour of the Presidio and Sausalito from atop The Big Red Shiny Mack Fire Engine. Sarcasdad & I teased the CP all morning with a promise of something really cool for after lunch. I was afraid we might have over hyped it, but he was quite excited when he spied the fire truck.

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