Friday, December 10, 2010
  Right This Very Minute ?

You know that song, "We Need a Little Christmas" ? I hear it over and over again every eight and a half hour day I spend at work, And pretty much I've come to the conclusion, that I have just about all the Christmas I can handle right now, Thanks very much.
Here's a quick run down of where things stand with my "Needs to Get Done Before Christmas" list.

1. Buy gifts- Going pretty well actually. I'm not quite done. I will remain not quite done until the stores close on Christmas Eve. Really, are you ever totally done Christmas shopping, or do you just give up?

2.Wrap Gifts- I really wish this was done. Every year I am astounded by how long this takes. The very efficient person might wrap as they go. I wait until I am almost done shopping (see #1) and then engage in a marathon wrapping extravaganza. It is is strange how back breaking a task this can be considering you are dealing with tissue paper and ribbons. The irony is that I hate to wrap ( and it shows in the finished product) but I love watching the giftees opening their gifts. Plus, it slows them down a bit, making Christmas morning last a little longer. When Sarcasmo Jr. lived at home, I would pay her to wrap the presents. Except for hers of course. Now she, can wrap. The job she did on a telescoping auto snow scraper and brush is legendary around these parts.

3. Christmas Cards- Whatever I am sending is out. I had thought about skipping it this year. Traditionally, our Christmas card has a mouse on it. Sometimes it is the focus of the artwork, and sometimes it is just a minor background character. But there was always a mouse. This year, I couldn't find a single mouse card, so my heart wasn't in it. But then we went to Key West and found some cute beach themed Christmas cards, And in that 80 degree weather it seemed the way to go. Besides, I figured that no one really noticed the mouse tradition. Two days after I mailed them out, the following message appeared on my FB wall.

What the heck? No mouse on our Christmas card???
(thanks for noticing Chris)

4. Bake Cookies-Probably not happening. And that is really sad when you consider that the last couple of years I have resorted to the break and bake variety of confections. I am currently attempting to bribe Sarcas-sis by supplying the raw material and the kitchen, if she just leaves some here when she's done.

5.Clean the House- hahahahahahahahaah. No seriously. Be forewarned if you have accepted a holiday invitation to the Sarcas- abode, or plan on stopping in unannounced. Something had to give. This is it.

6. Attend a Myriad of Holiday Themed Events - A few years back I worked at a different location , and we all voted to have the Christmas party in January. We did, and we had a great time. Mostly because no one was stressed out about all the baking wrapping and cleaning they should have been doing instead of attending the party.

7. Decorate the House- Done. Sarcas-Dad had the good sense to put the outside lights up before the temperatures plummeted to icicles on the nose levels. I used my last vacation day to do the inside. As I left the house this morning I realized I had forgotten something I usually put up. As no one else has mentioned it , I am considering it one less thing to take down later.

8. Get the Tree- I can't wait. I really enjoy the tree. One thing we are really good at is picking a good tree. A real one. One thing we are not so good at is getting to stand up straight in the tree stand. Some years getting it to stay up at all. There is nothing like being nestled all snug in your bed and hearing the tree come crashing down.

9. Wish You All the Merriest of Christmases, the Happiest of Holidays, and the Shiniest and Healthiest of New Years.-Done.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010
  The Gift of Understatement

I am working on a longer post to bore you with highlights of my vacation. But I had to share this. We were at Mallory Square, where people gather to watch the sunset. After two beautifully sunny days, today was cloudy and there is a very strong wind blowing off the ocean. Also gathered at Mallory Square are the street performers. We stopped to watch one while we waited to see if the clouds would part so the sun could do it's nightly show. He was one of three jugglers vying for the attention and donations of the crowd.
He looked a bit like George Carlin. He said he was 64. For a finale he carried his juggling batons to the top of a tightrope wire, about 10 feet off the ground. He stood up, trying to get his balance, while 30 mile an hour wind buffeted his body. Thin and wiry of build, it seemed he was risking a lot for some dollar bills in a hat. One one side of the wire, brick and concrete, the other fathomless ocean.
As we watched and we waited, the woman behind me, from England by her own admission, stated the following. (please read with British accent)
" Ah, well, it's a bit breezy for all that then isn't it?".

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