Wednesday, May 25, 2011
  Plaid is the New Khaki

The CP is intrigued by intrigue. He loves playing spies, and has amassed an impressive array of spy related gadgets. Such as binoculars that let you see behind you, and secret message writers and decoders. He has also been seen snooping through the house with a magnifying glass and a notebook looking for clues to a mystery he could be called on to solve.
The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia was offering an exhibit titled Spies, Traitors and Saboteurs, Fear and Freedom in America. They had the CP at "spy" and he asked repeatedly to go. Sarcasdad has a membership to the Center that allows us admission to all of the exhibits so we took him, even though we thought the content might be a little adult for a 6yr. old. As it turned out, there was enough to keep him interested as we walked through the exhibit. Some of the highlights for him were the FBI agents badge, which he claims to aspire to wearing one day; a pencil bomb; and, a piece of a police car found in the World Trade Center rubble.
To keep him engaged in the self guided exhibit, I tried to take the information presented and talk to him about it in 6 year old language.
Next to the glass encased pencil bomb was a display of French artillery shells. We talked about the big gun, "like a cannon" he said, that was used to fire them off. He looked at them for a while, touched them, and then asked a thoughtful question. "Mom Mom, do these come in other colors?"
It was hard not to laugh as I admitted that I did not know. In my head I pictured people huddled under cover, as artillery shells whizzed over there heads saying"oh look, a red one!". Admittedly, they did sort of look like a row a of crayola crayons when you open a new box and they all still have their unused sharpened points. Still, I wondered what he was thinking. What did he see when he looked at those man made weapons of destruction? Who knows ?
If the FBI agent gig doesn't come through perhaps he will channel his creative side. He could be an interior designer on a television show. Like Trading Spaces. Is that still on?1 When it is time for the big reveal the family will return home to find their bedroom redone in early WWI, complete with a wall studded with ordinance, repainted a calming shade of blue.

1. I Googled. The show ended in 2008.

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