Sunday, August 07, 2011
  This One's for Me

I have lots of excuses reasons for not blogging. Time is a big one. I never seem to have any left over . At least not at the same time that I have the energy to string a sentence together. Facebook is another. Somewhat because it is sucking up some of the aforementioned time. I am a word game aficionado, as it turns out are many of my friends, and family. My word addiction is being sated through social networking. Mainly I think Facebook has superseded the need to blog, because it gives me an immediate outlet, and, I get immediate feedback.
Still, I miss this, sitting down to record some thoughts. Ones that I can save and recall at will. It occurred to me the other day , that the ZM is getting short shrift with this arrangement. She hasn't gotten near the post time that the CP had at her age. Not for lack of material mind you. She has provided me with plenty.
I am recording this memory for me. It made me smile when it happened and I am pretty sure that if I read through this post 10 years from now, it will make me smile again. If you get a smile out of it, that's a plus.
Sarcasdad suggested we take the CP and the ZM to the Jersey shore for a day trip, before our planned week long vacation. The CP has been , but this would be the ZM's first trip to the beach. At least then the ocean and the beach wouldn't be totally strange to her.
We had a great time, and the day went pretty much as expected. The ZM loved the big sandbox, and while not afraid of the ocean, didn't really seem to get the point of it. The CP was excited and wanted to do everything at once. With all the activity and new things to see, a nap was out of the question for the ZM, despite our efforts to convince her to lie down on the heat resistant blanket, inside the UVB filtering tent under the UVA blocking umbrella. When it was time to leave, she was beyond tired so taking her down to the water against her will to wash off the sand seemed inadvisable. I changed her into clean clothes in the car, but she still had sand stuck to her just about everywhere. We made good on a promise to get ice cream on the boardwalk before we left. The CP chose a superhero popsicle for himself, and a chocolate, vanilla & cherry Dora the Explorer on a stick for his sister. When they were done we cleaned them up as best we could with napkins and bottled water and headed home.
The ZM was asleep before we hit the causeway. "Mom Mom" the CP said, "isn't she cute?"
I turned in my seat to see him gazing at his little sister. Her head was leaning just slightly to the left, propped up by her car seat. Her blonde hair, wind blown, and full of sand was sticking up at odd angles. The faded trails of chocolate and cherry ice cream drips ran down her cheeks and chin. And, she was snoring. Pretty loudly.
Seriously, if the kid could find cute in that, then I pity the boys who will someday want to date his little sister.

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