Saturday, January 01, 2011
  Is There An App For That?

Out for some last minute Christmas shopping, Sarcasmo Jr. was using Sarcas-sis' iPhone to Google up which of the many locations of a major retailer would have what they were looking for. The phone apparently sensed she is not an iPhone devotee' and froze after she typed the letter "H" in the search field. Sarcas-sis was negotiating the "it's two days before Christmas and I need to get to the mall" traffic and couldn't help, so they just picked a store at random. As far as I know that worked out fine. At some point Sarcasmo Jr. picked up the phone to see if it had righted itself. This is what it read in the search field:


Yes, Sarcasmo Jr. was mocked by an iPhone. Apparently it is more that a smartphone. It is a smart*ss phone.

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