Sunday, March 06, 2011
  Goals Are Good

I was watching the grandkids the other night. The ZM was already asleep, and the CP and I were watching the movie Cars. We were quite comfy on the sofa. The CP. although insistent he wasn't tired was snuggled under a comforter and using my shoulder for a pillow.
I don't remember what prompted it, but at one point the CP announced that his life is boring. He is all of 6 years old. How, I queried of him, could that be? With guitar lessons, and karate lessons, and acting lessons, when did he have time to be bored? He allowed that those thing aren't boring. And school, he added isn't boring. It is in fact cool. But other than those things. his life is boring.
What, I asked would make his life not boring?
He sat up straight and looked me right in the eye. With great sincerity he said.
"I want to be a spy"
And then he added: "and just once I would like to beat a bad guy in a fight, with a lightsaber. Just once. And then I could go back to being boring."
He returned to the movie and I was left to wonder how he could ever think he is boring.

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