Thursday, April 04, 2013
  These Are All the Words

     I found a Cinderella stamper in the leftover Easter merchandise at work. The top is a figurine of the Disney Princess, and the bottom is a stamp, that when inked makes the impression of a crown. I knew the ZM would love it. Unfortunately it did not come with an ink pad so we unearthed a set of stamps from the CP's stash of art supplies. There was just enough ink left on the pad to let the ZM embellish a few sheets of paper. We folded the paper to like greeting cards and the ZM dictated what she wanted printed on them. Some family members will be getting a nice surprise in their mailboxes !
     When the inkwell truly ran dry she asked her Pop Pop if he could get her some pink ink. Of course he obliged and the ZM was back in production.
     After dinner she brought me some of her pages and asked if we could fold them into a book. When the pages were ready the ZM told the story , and I did my best to write it all down. What emerged was a wonderful tale about a train. Se loves  trains. I could not write fast enough to record every word. But every word I captured was hers. As each page was finished I read it back to her, to be sure she was satisfied. Because of the way I had folded the pages there were two blank ones in the front. The ZM found this unacceptable so we used one to record the date, and suggested that the other serve as a dedication page. The CP lobbied hard for a heartfelt and sincere homage to her big brother. Without hesitation she said "It is my book, and I dedicate it to me!"
     The book, entitled The Train, would be an accomplishment for someone even older than the 3 years old she is. It is wonderful from the start, to my favorite part, the finish.
     When she was all done telling the story, on the very last page, she told me to write "these are all the words"
     Much more eloquent than "the end". Dontcha think?

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