Wednesday, May 08, 2013
  ET TU, CP ?

     It seems to me that there are two schools of practice when it comes to loading a dishwasher. There are those, like Sarcasdad, who copiously rinse every dish before placing it inside the appliance. In my book this makes the dishWASHER more of a dish SANITIZER. Which is not a bad thing, but kind of defeats the purpose.
     I rinse the dishes. Just not until they are squeaky clean. The exception being any bowl that was used to serve oatmeal or any oat based flake. Left on it's own, it takes on the properties of fast drying cement and requires a chisel to remove.
     The other day I was loading up some plates when the CP came into the kitchen. He leaned in and said " Uh, Mom Mom, you may want to rinse that off some more."
     Only 8, and already feeling the pull of the dark side.
     Speaking of the CP, we may have to change his moniker to The Amazing CP. His every little boys' love of magic has developed into quite a passion, sparked in part by the opening of not one, but two, houses of magic in our city. We have taken in the Sunday family magic shows at both, and the CP has always managed to get on stage and assist in a trick. Both sell magic illusions and the CP is steadily adding to his repertoire. He and two friends did a magic act for the school talent show. It was just a few tricks, interspersed with a lot of slapstick. The boys executed the magic very well, and were a hit. They were also hams. When the scripted bit was done, they started improvising, showing no rush to give up the stage. If the teachers had a hook I think they would have used it. Instead the principal wisely stood up and began applauding. When the family went out for Easter brunch, the CP worked the table, showing great aunts and uncles his mastery of illusion. I think some of the other patrons were hoping he would come to their tables as well.
     On his last trip to the magic shop he got a magic hat. Can't wait to see what he pulls out of it.

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